Papa’s World – our very first RARE winter ICE STORM – Cameron Woods – OIB – N.C.

One-quarter inch of ICE over everything!

Moving South to the border of N.C. and S.C. – we must have brought winter weather with us!

This is a very rare event in this part of the country and we were here to experience it!

It started raining the day before and by nightfall – the temps had dropped to freezing!

By morning it had gone down to 26 degrees!

that is cold down here!

Everything is covered in a coat of ice.

We knew it was coming and were prepared not to go out on that black ice!

We had flashlights and our generator if needed – but I did not want to go that far!

We were told to be careful with the garage door being ice shut!


We lost the electricity three times for short periods – the news the night before showed the electric

company bringing in some 200 personnel from the midwest to help out – and they were terrific!

Ice everywhere – the trees were coated!

Our Oleander plants – three of them – were bent right over – they survived!

Thank goodness we did not have the wind – no big trees came down or branches.

We dodged a bullet and when the sun came out – the ice melting on the trees

created a drizzle of steady raindrops.

The bushes and mulch are covered in ice.

We have had a cold wave that extends all the way South deep into Florida!

We were worried about our TOWER GARDEN – so I dug out our protective look like metal covering!

We had used this back in NVA but not with ICE!

The back patio – to the right – the covered TOWER GARDEN!

Our experiment to grow twelve months of the year continues!

This protective covering kept the plants – green leafy – safe – the pump kept running on a timer –

and we continue to grow our vegetables even through mid-twenty degrees and ICE!

The covering is perforated – absorbed the sun in the daytime and protects the veggies

during the low temps at night and the freezing rain.

Any questions on the TOWER GARDEN or JUICE PLUS – email

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Papa’s World – Drywall done – cabinets in – tile next – getting close!

We pulled up to the front of the house – DRYWALL in the trash bin!

You see – there has been a delay and shortage in drywall – all over the country –

which has held up our completion by a month! Along with inspectors and inspections!

I was excited as this meant the drywall was being put in!

When I walked into the garage – it had the first coat of MUD on!
Then – I went inside and it was all done – first coat of mud – we were back on schedule after four weeks!

It has been a long four to five weeks with hardly any progress – but we prayed and it is now moving forward.

Looking toward the front from the sun room – to the left – hallway – entrance to the bedrooms and bathroom – middle is outer wall to the office – and to the right hallway to laundry room and garage. Open space is vaulted living room.
The kitchen and breakfast nook.
Window to the left – breakfast nook and the yard – rear windows – the outside enclosed lanai.
Looking from the hallway into the living room – to the left – kitchen island and the breakfast nook – to the right – Sherry standing in the sun room. The whole back of the house is windows – open patio behind her through the windows.
Master bedroom with bathroom to the left and hall way door to the right.

And two days later when we visited – the mud on the dry wall was completed – sanded – and we had CABINETS!

Kitchen and Island
Master bathroom
Guest bathroom

We are excited – they told us tile is going in – grading outside – doors to be hung.

Now there is a delay and shortage on PAINT!

Because of the ICE STORM in Texas and the Pandemic.

They told us they would continue doing the things they could until they got the paint.
Master bedroom

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Our new community – Cameron Woods – Ocean Isle Beach – mainland side – LOT # 89!

We are happy – moving forward -perhaps by the time this posts – we will have a move in date!

Our lot is backed by trees that will not be cleared – it is deemed protected wetlands.

We will have lots of roads to walk and new trails going in.

Almost all the purple area has been sold years ago – but no one has seemed to build on them –

maybe a half dozen really big homes!

We do not know why – investment?

You can buy lots there from individuals for a hefty price!

For now it remains paved roads – old growth shaded trees and street lights – utilities

and beautiful green areas and ponds.