Papa’s World – Mr. OWL – and the two TOWER GARDENS !

We started them the end of April – first week of May !

We had grown all Winter in our garage with grow lights !

Now – it was time to set up the other two – and begin outside.

TOWER GARDENS – no green thumb needed !

Middle of May

After less than two weeks – we were eating lettuce –

Memorial day weekend

Then it was Memorial day –

and we had herbs – lettuce – edible plants –

And you can see our GERANIUM’S – these are about five years old –

Pull them out in Fall – shake them off –

put in a bucket – hang from garage ceiling –

Then in Spring – clean off dead parts and replant !

BINGO – you can reuse them year to year !

The Tower Gardens – 6-19-19

Today – they are blooming – we have lots of tomato’s ( green )

And SQUASH – EGG PLANTS – LETTUCE – Different herbs – edible flowers

And numerous other salad plants !


I have added cages and other support poles -trying to keep the SQUASH

Out of the yard so I can mow !


We eat every night from the Tower’s –

Salads – soon we will have tomato’s.

Then no more produce from store.


I have a home made cage –

made out of 1/2 inch PVC pipe.

And since the weather has gotten hot – 85 to 90 -Sun –

I add water each day –

about four inches –

I could wait – but – I do not want to forget –

and let the pump run dry.

There is a pump – fish tank pump –

in the bottom – that pumps water up through the middle –

and then that drips down to the roots hanging in the tower.

Purchased a regular cage


I add a cup every 7 to 10 days !

The TONIC is made up of minerals from the Earth –

And the plants thrive on it !


The TOWER GARDENS are part of the JUICE PLUS family –

We have been ” TOWERING” for almost EIGHT YEARS !

Eating what we grow with


Just keep the water in the base –

add minerals when needed –

And pick your dinner daily.


Mr OWL – more of a decoration than anything – sitting there –

Peering out threw the lettuce leaves –

Although we have rabbits – squirrels – deer – fox – birds –

They seem to leave it alone –

We also have around six hours of Sun light –

But we have moved them to different places and they have grown.

Sherry and Tom

I hope this has been helpful for those interested in gardening –

Who do not like to weed –

And to those who want to know exactly what they are eating.

You do not need a green thumb –

we certainly do not !

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Papas World – Blogging – sharing the positive

I never knew I was going to blog –

My wife – Sherry – told me in 2011

” You need to get on face book “

All your friends keep asking about you!

This is so true
I remember my mother buying
me what was then called “Blue Jeans”
They were so baggy
and the “IN” style then was
skin tight
black or red socks
and high top
black and white
tennis sneakers!

So – I signed up for my site

and began writing short daily happenings


And numbered them from the day I started in sequence!

This is true in our oldest
daughters house
open a cupboard
and there are all these
containers with no lids!

I started to accumulate “Friends” outside my old friends.

And they were from all over the Country

and some from the World!

Most I did not know personally

But through our “Home Business”

I was too much for some people
but I wrote about my life
and the lives of my loved ones
and the lives of my closest
and dearest friends.

I determined that from reading the daily paper

and watching the news

That I would bring POSITIVE – FUNNY

and GOOD thoughts to my site.

There fore I very seldom do anything Political.

I keep it pretty much as I stated

Which is getting hard to do with

everything going on.

I so believe this
and hope one day
that we all can be nice
to each other

Then – my wife found a site that will publish

your face book writings for certain time periods

and publish them in a book form.

My one desire is to write a book on memories I have.

She choose a six month period and had it printed

It is so cool – with my picture on the front –

However – I had written so much –

That if I had them all printed –

there would be TEN full books!

I most likely in my younger years
could of truthfully stated this!

And she said this would be too expensive

You need to write and put it down

where we can all read it!

So , I did , eight years ago –

I started a blog – I wrote a lot but then for some reason

I quit and believe it or not – I LOST IT somewhere


I could not find it again and had never written down the site!

All those things were gone
but she told me she had met a friend
through networking
named Belinda
who could get me started again
on a new site and a new blog!

So – we met – and she was talking me through the startup!

When lo and behold – we found one of the two old sites!

Yes – I had two sites and we stumbled over one of them.

It had 4 blogs and I was on my way!

That was last April – and today –

I have written over 200 blogs

and have accumulated 180 FOLLOWERS!

From all over the WORLD!

I have finally found my passion
writing – family – friends
and sharing my life

The main thing is –

When I am gone – my memories will linger on.

I have no one left that I grew up with as family

except two niece’s – three great niece – and great – great niece and nephews.

My two sons – but the rest are gone.

No one remembers that life of or came before!

Today I am the eldest
the one whom they call
when they want to know
about family
Today I am all that is left to remember
to put it all down

So – I write – everyday – I put down thoughts

I put down memories

I put down current events and family


Sherry and Tom
70 years old

I have lived a good life – ups and downs –

Almost gone

but still here.

I record trying to stay true to my beliefs





That is how I have lived my life.

Yep – this would be me!

I leave you with a quote –

“It’s not for me to question why? But for me to do or die”

When you get married – I think you both need to think about this!

Sherry and Tom
almost 38 years being married!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


Papas World – just clearing up my mind on thoughts!

Now – I wish I was as quick in my mind

for this to be a come back to someone!

But I think this is oh so true!

This reminds me so much of our two granddaughters

Sarah – the youngest of three

she is something and will be someone

when she is on her own.

Love her independence!

And then there is Cassidy –

smallest of the twins

But – independent – LOVES HER MORMOR!

She also will be someone when she grows up!

I know of one household where this seems to exist!

Now – in the recent past –

I managed to suck up a sock

while running the vacuum cleaner

my fault entirely

but at one of our kids homes

the tupperware situation

A hundred lids- and you have to sort

to find the containers

But – I may suck up the sock and replace it

Finding lids is something I am not good at!

And last but not least

This sign needs to be displayed in the Halls of Congress

and in the Chambers pf the Senate

However – there has to be someone bright enough to GET IT!

Too many LAMBS

Too much watching out for oneself

There needs to be TERM LIMITS!

But – again – it will not happen.

Sherry and Tom

Just some clearing the mind

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


Papas World -packing up – going to Florida – Ella

She turned 16 last July.

For her present – she would ride with us to Florida

and then fly back home –

You see – she is a huge Star Wars fan.

So – we will take her to Universal’s Star Wars!

Ella to the top left

When Maddy turned 16 –

we took her to Florida to swim with the Manatee’s!

We are going anyways to spend a warm month in Florida

and the opportunity was there for us to do this.

Sherry & Tom

We also have plans to see friends who live down there

and to meet up with other friends

who travel South for the Winter.

We will take in both coasts – staying in the middle

South of Orlando.

Some have been years and years since we have seen them

although we stay in touch through face book.

Social media is a great place to inter act.

Going to Florida with one grand daughter

making her birthday wish come true

Getting some warm weather – play some golf –

meet up with friends

But – not going to ride anything that goes way up and down

or around very fast

My life in the fast lane is WATCHING! LOL

Thank you for reading Papas World


Papa’s World – building the – BRAIN one Omega at a time

For the last year plus –

I have been taking a OMEGA –

To try and keep my memory intact !

I have been told –

OMEGA’S are good for this !

In fact – I have been taking multiple OMEGA’S !

Omega’s 3-5-6-7-& 9

This is the newest product –

by Juice Plus –

And the big story here it is NOT made from fish oil –

But from ALGAE –

which is where the fish get it from !

And – secondly –

Juice Plus has its own ALGAE FARMS !

So – you do not have to worry about MERCURY

or the fishy taste !

It tastes like a ORANGE CREAMSISCLE !!!!


This has become part of my road to good health –

( I actually take double – four capsules a day ! )


Memory plays a big role in my life-

Writing a blog every day –

Thinking back to times gone by –

Seeing in my mind the Past –

So – I try as hard as I can to maintain that edge!

I do not want to go to the store to buy a fish –

Nor do I want to come home with a Rabbit –

I want the ability to WRITE ABOUT IT –

not live it !

It works for us –

It provides a insurance for us in what we do not eat –

I hope this helps you out there –

We have believed for 13 years !

Thank you for reading –

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Papa’s World

Papa’s World -MOR MOR goes to the Zoo – I couldn’t go.

There was a family outing on this past Monday –

A ride on the Metro –

a trip into D.C. –

And a long planned talked about visit – TO THE ZOO !


You know that feeling when a event is about to happen –

But you can not be there to share the fun !

Well – I had a three to four hour test Monday morning –

And all the grand kids and their mothers were coming –


( Sherry – mothers mother in Swedish )

Was going to lead them into Washington and to the ZOO !

Sherry – Debby and Tammy & six grand kids on the Metro

They had talked about this all year –

as soon as all the kids were out of school !

We or they had to do it on a Monday –

So – with my test already scheduled –

I missed out on a fun trip.

Our oldest daughter Debby and Mor Mor

Debby and the three oldest girls made the trip from Lake Holiday –

early on Monday morning ( they stayed the night )

Mike – their dad – was going North to help his parents open their camp –

In the Adirondacks – Raquet Lake.

Our youngest daughter Tammy and Mor Mor

Tammy – her one day the store is not open is Monday –

brought the three little ones –

who are just as excited to be riding the Metro !

Marcus had to work.

The Six grand kids – five girls and one boy

Their plan – spend the day –

come home – have TACO MONDAY –

and talk – play into the night –

I also had the job of watching FINNY –

a love bird that belongs to Sarah –

Debby’s youngest !

We argued back and forth with TWEETS !!!! LOL

Their day at the Zoo

They kept me updated –

I got back home around 10:15 am.

FINNY was watching TV.

from his cage !

As soon as I walked in – he began

( I think it is a he )

He would chirp at me and bob around in his cage !

( Sherry ) Mor Mor & Tom ( PaPa )

I missed out on the Zoo –

but got to spend time with everyone

until I went to bed at almost 10 : 00 PM.

We have been to the Zoo numerous times since we moved here.

And all those times have been with the grand kids.

Our family in Northern Va.

I hope you enjoyed my little day blog on family fun –

I missed out but recovered for a enjoyable late afternoon and evening .

Then the next day we all took a walk around our pond – lake .

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Papas World – my youngest son – Shawn – & Trisha – wife

Trisha & Shawn

Today they live “BACK HOME” in NWPA!

In the mountains of McKean County –

Close to the oilfields of Bradford Pa.

He is now married to Trisha and they run his two business’s!

Shawn started out working for Northern Tier Energy –

And worked his way up from Crew leader to Inspections and Audits.

Working and taking as many classes and training

as he could to get certified.

They were married and he continued his education –

Then he left that company and moved to Clear Results –

Running their warehouse and going out and doing audits –

He started sub-contracting –

And decided to take the plunge and start up his own company.

Shawn and Trisha

With Trisha by his side – she ran the paperwork – taxes – office

While he traveled North from Erie Pa.

All the way South to Uniontown Pa. just outside Pittsburg.

Born were two sides to his business




With contracts from Penna.

and energy companies from the state of Penna.

Troy oldest son
Shawn youngest son

Along the way the business expanded

Shawn was working seven days a week and could not keep up.

He decided to expand to the other side – insulation –

and has hired his brother Troy to run and manage that side.

Troy for years and years has built houses and remodeled them.

His years of experience and work ethic were a ideal fit.

Troy and Shawn

They work well together and Troy is now working on his certificates

To where he can work on the other side doing audits!

Shawn and Troy

They work well together – brothers.

Trisha – Shawn – Troy

He still is working long weeks and long days

But the contracts are coming in more and more

His main business is auditing houses for elderly

who in turn get reimbursed from the state to winterize their homes.

The state and energy companies pay him to do this

and they subsidize the money for the elderly.

A win – win for staying warm during the harsh winters.

The trailer
for the insulation
side of the business

And – by the way – Shawn also is a renown POOL PLAYER!

Playing in tournaments all over the country!


He has won his way to Las Vegas numerous times

in singles – doubles and teams.

I wish I could say I taught him

but other than to hand him a cue stick

that was about it!

He is very good and if he breaks he can run the table

a couple times in a row!

All in all – he has made his name known

and his company in demand.

Proud of this young man & his older brother who watches over him.

Sherry and Tom

Thank you for reading Papa’s World