Papa’s World – begin your day thinking positively.

Be positive – give and be thankful.

I try every day to look toward a good or great day.

I do not watch news programs – I do read online news – and can pick out truths and untruths by fact-checking.

Bring a sense of humor to your day – smile!

I always look for smiles – good thoughts and even bigger smiles each day.

My youngest son and myself – keep family close to our hearts.

Family – from afar – is always close to our hearts.

Time and distance keep us apart – but love always brings us together.

Sunrises are my favorite time.

Stroll the beach or walk your favorite path or trail – be one with nature and all its blessings!

Keep an image and strive to be happy – loving and blessed.

Thank you for reading PAPA’S WORLD:


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