Papa’s World – we took a walk to Bird Island – and from there we could see Cherry Point and North Myrtle Beach

This I imagine is what the beach looked like hundreds of years ago!

It – the walk – is not a short walk – but rather more like five miles round trip.

So – be prepared – bring water – put your sunscreen on and walk the surf to cool yourself down!

We are on what is called Bird Island – but actually is the far point South on Sunset Beach , N.C.

Sunset beach is a top ten beach in the USA!

The beaches here are very wide even before low tide!

As you can see in the first picture.

They are flatter than Ocean Isle Beach and calmer.

September is a good time to BEACH IT in N.C.

Schools are is session – summer vactions are all but wrapped up and the beaches –

well – they are no where near as crowded!

Now – I am also surprised by the number of people still here and with children!

On your way to the jetty at the end of Bird Island – you pass the KINDRED SPIRIT mailbox – that is me looking at a woman who was ahead of me – more on the mailbox in my next blog!

I think it seems long as it is a straight line to the end and never seems to get there!

But we walk three plus miles all the time – although not in a straight line.

Now you are at the end of SUNSET BEACH – BIRD ISLAND!

You look across the bay – this is where the big cruise CASINO gambling ships enter the open water of the ocean.

Here is Little River S.C and Cherry point next to Cherry Grove S.C.

In the distance – those tall white buildings – is the shoreline of NORTH MYRTLE BEACH!

My advice for those seeking a beach week and vacation -for go Myrtle Beach –

and plan your vacation in either NMB or Cherry Grove!

More residental – lower prices and wider beaches!

Plus you can walk to almost everything and if you drive – less traffic and five minutes gets you to main street!



All by itself – 1.4 miles down the beach – the lonesome KINDRED SPIRIT MAILBOX!

MY NEXT BLOG – join to be sure you can read about it and why it is there! Click on LIKE – then join – it is FREE!

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