Papa’s World – living our life to the fullest – our family!

Youngest daughter with her children – Sherry ( MorMor) Tammy Bode Taylor Cassidy

When we married – each for the second time –

she became step mom to my two sons

and I became step dad to her two daughters.

That was almost 39 years ago!

I raised them as my own

and we became one family.

When we moved to NVA – both daughters followed us

My sons stayed behind in NWPA!

Marcus – our son in law could not be with us when they visited – but will come down for Spring Break!
Debby Sarah Sherry Maddy Mike Papa Ella

Our other daughter lives just North of Winchester Va.

These are the older grand daughters who call us Grandma and Grandpa.

They are outdoors family – hiking – camping –

The older two – Maddy and Ella play soccer

Maddy a sophomore at University Of Lynchburg Va. Soccer

and Ella – in the fall – will play for Randolph College

also in Lynchburg Va.

Where they will play against each other!

Sarah – who I think would of been just as good as the other two

tends to be more into dance – acting and producing – more into ARTS!

Christmas a number of years ago – Sarah Maddy Ella

Our family values are as the above.

Bode – love his hair and this picture!
Cassidy Sarah Taylor at grandma GIGI’S House( Sherry’s mother)
When they were young – Sarah Maddy ELLA!
Taylor loves to ride horses!
Sherry and Ella when we took her to Star wars for her 16th. birthday – in Brownwood – The Villages – Fla.
Bode Taylor Cassidy when they came to North Myrtle Beach to visit.
Today – the three oldest are growing up so fast – Ella is almost as tall as Sherry at 5′ 9″ – Sarah is catching up – both taller than Maddy at 5′ 6 1/2″
Taylor at 10 years old – will be taller than all the others I feel – she already comes up to her MorMor’s chin!
Debby is a QMND for the Juice Plus company. Sherry is a SSC – both mother and daughter are health advocates

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