Papa’s World – homeless – grand kids – storms – beach

Sherry Ella Sarah beach house Sandbridge Va.
Living room beach house
entrance to top deck
One of two dinning tables
The other dinning table

We had room to seat 24 people inside with the two tables

and then the center island.

Outside you could seat another six people!

Calm before the storm blew in!
same view storm coming in!

We had several storms – only a few showers at night time.

But – we could watch the lightening all around us.

And out over the ocean!

You can see the rain coming down

Even though we did not get the rain this time

off in the distance we could see it!

Sherry on the beach before the storm
The storm and lightening show coming

I headed back – the lightening was awesome to watch

but I did not feel safe out there!

Sherry Ella Sarah and me up on the top deck

Back to the top deck to watch the storm out at sea!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World!



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