Papa’s World – homeless – with the grand kids!

It is grand – as in grand kids!

If you ever have the chance – take them with you!

Now – these two – Ella and Sarah – sleep constantly in the car!

But once you arrive – they are go – go – go!

Swimming – rip boarding – walking – hunting shells.

Bouncing balls – playing games!

Toes in the sand – drink in the hand – life is grand!

Sarah Sherry Ella

Here we are at a beach house in Sandbridge Va.

This was around a five hour drive for us with stopping three or four times!

We are about thirty minutes South of Va. Beach.

Very quiet – lots of famlies – all staying away from each other.

Have not seen one person not wearing a mask in stores!


We have our own rooms and bath!

There are other people with us –

who all had either worked from home

or had been tested!

The house is large – nine bedrooms and 9 bathrooms.

Three floors – huge decks – and tables to seat 20!

Everyone mostly did there own things –

pool – beach – shopping – walking – golfing!

scattering out and about – ever present in social distancing.

Sarah and Ella

While people went to the beach

the grand kids swam

When we went to the beach – we set up in our own space.

The Jelly Fish were abundant

all up and down the coast.

Both girls got stung as did several adults!

Our own little space – on the wide beach.

It was hot – the sand would burn your feet with out shoes!

Sarah – Ella and Papa

Yes – if you have the chance – take them –

It will provide memories for them and fun times for yourself.

Ella Sarah Sherry

Sherry is 5′ 9″ Ella is almost as tall

and Sarah I think will be taller than both!

Then we have Taylor – who at 9 is well on her way

to be as tall or taller!


GRAND KIDS – thinking more trips in the future!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World



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