Papas World – everything is going great – blessed.

Do you ever make plans – start them

and nothing seems to go the way you want them?

Well – just the opposite is happening to us!

First – we thought about listing the house –

The stock market crashed – 35 % down for us.

But – here where we live – the housing market kept going up!

We were walking in the right direction – upward!

After the housing market crashed in 2008 – we lost a lot of equity.

Now – after we called in a friend who lists houses

We were surprised to find we were almost back!

We had options – we could wait it out – The Pandemic –

and see if the market stays strong through the November Election

Or catch the wave now and SELL!

We are both SEVEN plus years into retirement –

And LOOKING for a adventure.

WE LISTED and leading up to that – for three weeks –


No alarm clocks needed – just wake up and go to it!

We listed at noon on a Saturday – first showing 7pm. same day.

I mowed the lawn – 90 some degrees outside – then a gentle rain –

Grass deep green – flowers blooming – trees lush –

Sun came out – everything falling into place!

First offer Sunday morning

but five more showings scheduled that day – our friend said to wait –

even though the offer was more than we expected –

She had increased the listing from her previous quote

It was going great and our stress was gone!

Our plan is to stay with our kids family

enjoying the little ones and the older ones.

THEN – another offer and three more showings scheduled.

By 7PM. we had showed the house six times with three offers

All above the listing price!


The offer we accepted Sunday night – just 24 hours plus from listing

Was above the listing price by $10,000.00 – CASH!

No strings attached except a termite inspection!

Have never seen any termites – and they will buy all our furniture

we do not want!

Plus – settlement in three weeks!

We have been blessed –

We had lost money on the house and almost made up the whole amount!

everything has gotten better with each passing day.

We are almost done packing up and moving items to storage

We have sold almost 95 % of our furnishings –

and we are happy and ready to start our new lives!

And with that – my little buddy and I –

went together and got our HAIRCUT!!!


Thank you for reading Papa’s World



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