Papas World – Day#22 – coronavirus self sheltering

Today I read in the paper – Mega Church considering holding service

in Tampa Florida!

After the pastor had been arrested and the Goveernor issued

stay at home!

And I wonder why he had the TWO SERVICES he did?

This past week – we finally after two weeks had to go to the store

for PRODUCE!!!!

We had diminished our stock and it will not keep!

We eat a lot of produce and our growing season outside

with the Tower Gardens begins this week

But you never know about freezes.

So – last week we started our Tower Garden inside the garage

where we had it until we went away for the month of February!

The new Tower Garden in the garage with the grow lights.

One week of growth and we should have one more week

and we can start cutting off for salads!

This new unit – comes on a reduced base – 20 gallons to 13 gallons

of water – a float to tell you when to refill

and the grow lights with a built in timer!

We have it set for day time light and then dark at night

to let the plants rest!

There also is a timer for the pump –

and we have that set at 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off!

Mostly leafy vegetables inside
we have two set up outside
for our peppers- tomato’s and cucumbers
and large things such as celery –
eggplant- squash etc.

Going to the store is nerve wracking –

wanting to get in and out asap!

But – after the two weeks – we had to go.

Here – they have senior hour – 7 to 8 am.

You must show a ID – but maybe 30 people are in the whole store!

A lot better than the crowds and less stressful.

I hope all is well
stay safe and stress free
and also that this article helps
you know the alternative to shopping
and for more information
My wife is a distributor of both
And Juice Plus
a whole food of plants
fruits – vegetables & berries
in a capsule or gummy’s
Senior Sales Coordinator
Juice Plus Company

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


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