Papas World – Social distancing – surviving.

Good day
social distancing
walking cleaning
getting lawn in shape!

As I write this blog – it is now day # 18 of Coronavirus

Social Distancing for us.

We are okay so far – and have been walking –

We have 18 miles of trails and staying at least six feet

from other people.

Sherry heading into
one of our walking trails

We have managed to walk almost every day and are getting

over 10,000 steps each day!

The paths range from neighborhoods to country

ponds – forests and parks.

All our playgrounds have been shut down for a couple weeks.

Over 55 community
in the distance
still being built out
most likely a couple more years
of building

We can still shop for food – but must drive –

however they are starting to service seniors

by opening early – 7am. for seniors only!

You must present ID’S to get in which makes it nice

for us OLD FOLKS!

Crossing over a bridge
you can go either way around the pond
or branch off on another trail
for a 3 or 4 mile walk.

We had to take the car to Costco –

Had a screw in the tire and losing air –

They were great and we walked a mile outside

while waiting!


It has been a long 18 days without seeing our grand kids

although we have been able to “ZOOM” our families!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World.

Papa And MorMor



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