Papas World -meet up with old friends- birds & gator's

We have been friends since the early 70’s

having graduated a few years apart.

So – we planned this meet up well in advance

And we made the trip to Winter Garden

to a campground where they stay for a month

each Winter – before they relocate to another one!

Sherry and Paul
it wasn’t until we were half way
back to Winter Haven
that I realized I had not taken
a picture of Janet
or the four of us!

We spent hours talking at their fifth wheel camper

34 feet long and really nice

with a large awning and a comfortable seating

beneath the large old Oak trees!

They then took us on a tour of Winter Garden

a new upscale section of stores – shops

and places to eat!

It was here that I saw the beauty

Lake Apopka – a very large lake perserve

for hundreds of birds – and a nursery for baby gators!

Small gators
do not know
where the mother gator was!
Big birds
small birds
ducks and turtles abound

The birds were loud – almost to the point it was hard to listen

to each other talk

but I loved it!

The beauty of the foliage
and this was full of birds
and ducks!
Looking for gators
and we found three!
It is in these reeds
where the gators reside
small ones that we could see
A view of the water front
and a trail that follows the shore!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World



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