Papas World – memories from way back when!

We planned this many months ago –

We would meet up half way

around 10:00 am.

And we would spend some time together!

FIVE HOURS LATER – we hugged and said our goodbyes!

Friends for over 40 years
Tom Sherry Lynda Fred

Fred and I graduated HS together – along with another good buddy

we had a lot of very great memories

and we rehashed a lot of them!

We met up at Crabby Bill’s
in St. Cloud Florida!

We got there at 10 am. and we walked around

it was beautiful sitting on a very large lake!

With a boat marina

and launch – very windy out!

Fred Sherry Lynda

The ride to and from was not on major highways

and I enjoyed that – the major routes –

well they come to a stand still with backups

every day in both directions!

We have always shared like thoughts
Standing on the break wall
Lynda and Sherry
watching a wind sail
trying to catch a breeze
and get up out of the water
We shared many a laugh
just like old days
somethings just never get old!
Strolling the path
talking and just
enjoying the company

We had a lot of catching up to do

for it must of been a good ten years

we had come down then and spent a few days with them

We decided to sit
talk – drink tea and coffee
and true to form
Fred spilled his!
Lynda and Fred
on the outside deck
of Crabby Bill’s
in St. Cloud Fla.

It got warm enough while sitting outside to shed jackets

and we sat there for three hours –

our waiter named Murph –

was fantastic and never once urged us to leave!

We ordered small finger food and shared

soups – tenders – avocado cream cheese things

one crab cake grilled

and lots of coffee – ice water and unsweetened ice tea

and desert – two types of cheese cake

of which I ate almost none!

Proud of myself!!!!

We then got up and decided to walk around

We were full

and it was still windy – but in the mid 70’s!

And then we laughed and laughed!

A captured one of those laughs
I wish I could of gotten them all
old times were remembered
and it was as if no time had ever
come between us!

Our buddy who is wintering in Az.

suggested to me that maybe next year

we can all do the same

close to where Fred and Lynda live

which is Little Palm Bay

on the Indian river

near Melbourne!

Sherry and I thought that to be a great idea.

Lynda is going to do some checking for us on rentals

I will reach out to Bob next month

and hoping we can pull this all together!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


We have friends
and we are blessed
sharing my life
one day at a time


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