Papa’s World – Putting the ” T ” in TEAM !!!

The ” TEAM” is ever growing – new members each day –

from across the Country !

Welcome to our World

It started , simply by saying YES to try and better our Health –

We both needed to try and stop the insane way we were eating –

Sherry found it – I tried it – and now we are in a better place

At first in year one – it was to see if this is what we needed – then in year two – how can we PAY for it – and get our grandchildren to have it ?

Meeting folks – sharing – helping – changing them.

We decided to begin a career in health and nutrition –


We both were working full time jobs – but weekends were ours !

Our choice – our PLAN ” B”

We signed up – $50.00 a year –

just to see if we could somehow pay for our product –

and get our two oldest grand daughters some nutrients –

some fruits and vegetables daily in their diet.

Eating more healthy

Slowly – but steady – we progressed

we got help from our sponsors

( yes – that is what you do )

You help your team – you support them in most aspects of the business.

The TEAM growing

Our family joined up – both daughters –

we accomplished what we started out to do –

get all the grand kids – our kids and spouses – to eat healthy.

And add the nutrients of over 30 fruits- veggies and berries each and every day –

going directly into their bloodstreams right away !

Most important was the on going research – it was expanding –

when we started – there were 12 published – today over 34 and more each year –

By major Universities – WORLD WIDE and all independent studies.

Traveling the country every six months

Then – it started – other people saw the change in us and in themselves –

They wanted to be a part of this what was becoming a TEAM –

so they signed up for just $50.00 a year –

And got their own website – and our help – just like we were helped.

Where else do you own a business – get a web site – SHARE the product –


Take a order – send it in over the website –

Have it processed – manufactured – packaged

and shipped directly to the customer – then they collect the money –

and deposit directly into your bank account your commission !

This is where all that happens

Sharing is believing – and this is how you put a ” T ” in TEAM WORK !

It was really that simple – just share like you would a book or movie

your favorite place to eat or visit –

And that is when we decided to RETIRE –

early – and go full time.

And you know what – the people who signed us up are still helping us!

Lower right Pam

Pam – who lives on the BIG ISLAND – HAWAII – helped us 12 years ago !

And to this day still does –

often times visiting us and staying with us.

She travels the World & Sari –

who lives in Atlanta – does the same with us.

That is the CULTURE of this business and has been for over 42 YEARS !

The JUICE PLUS brand is now almost 26 years old !

Proven and durable.

It is sold WORLD WIDE

In over 22 Countries – headquarters in the USA in Tenn. and in Europe.

Down under in Australia – in the middle East and Canada.

Their own store and brand at conference

As we have grown – the company has expanded –

it is huge and no one has the research –

we are the largest company

with encapsulated health product in the World.

Sherry started all this
Still growing from conference to conference

Sadly – but not too so –

I am the only MAN who goes to conference with the TEAM –

but – hey – someone has to do it ! LOL


Being the only guy – has its advantage – I can just sit back and observe !

Every conference has this

Sometimes – I just say I will meet you – but I am never far away .

Being retired – able to travel – seeing the Country – actually I call it


Sherry – in yellow

It started part time 12 years ago – today – we travel – we share –

Sherry – Debby – Tom

In October – in Austin Texas – our daughter Debby –

will walk the stage in front of 8000 people –

and will make a speech with her family standing right there with her.

You see – she has surpassed her sponsor –

her mother Sherry –

and gone to the top –

she is now a QMND

and soon to be a NMD ( National Marketing Director)

She decided to go full time before her mother –

and went right past her.

And – we still get paid off what she does !


Team sharing

What has all this meant to us ?

Freedom – travel – good health – family – sharing – team work – money !

Twelve years ago – we went part time to help our families

Today – it has worked and has been a journey of health – nutrition –

It has paved a way for us to retire and remain where we are.

I hope this helps someone out there – someone who is looking –

We were and it was shared with us –

the best in life sometimes comes from out of the blue !


If you would like more information – feel free to contact us –

We are changing lives one day at a time.


Sherry’s website or email

Thank you – hope this helps someone

#homeagain #livinglifetotheplus

2 thoughts on “Papa’s World – Putting the ” T ” in TEAM !!!

  1. This is powerful! I wish I had learned about it many years ago. But I am on it now and not looking back. Thanks for sharing, Your Groupie


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