Papa’s World – Union Station-Peaceful protests – White House

We ended our day in Congress – where we had to be searched –

pockets emptied – no phone for pictures

The whole Congress was rude.

We settled in for about 45 minutes – and there was to be a vote –

But – NO ONE on the floor paid any attention –

they were divided on the right side and the left side –

The entire congress did nothing but talk –

So loud we – in the balcony – could not hear what they were saying

on the loud speakers!

The Capital
where nothing gets done
and no one listens

I was disgusted at the whole thing and how they all acted.

All we could do was watch the electronic board to see the total of the votes.

Paul Jo Sherry
walking to Union Station
Sherry Jo Paul
waiting to cross the street
to Union Station
Paul Jo Sherry
inside Union Station

We toured Union Station and had lunch – then boarded the Metro there

and got off at the Smithstonian in the Mall.

Paul on the Mall
Jo Paul and Sherry
on the Mall
The Capital
view from the Mall
Paul Jo Sherry
on our way
to the White House

We left the Mall behind and walked to the front of the White House

We had covered a lot that day

and decided to see the front and the back

But on our way we came across a very peaceful protest

in front of the EPA building

They were not yelling – they were respectful when we talked to them

outside the EPA

Now – I can not understand why anyone would be against clean air

Withe clean air comes better gas mileage

The back of the White House
More peaceful protest
This one has been there
for the entire time we have
been in NVA

The one who was here first passed away several years ago

they have kept it here as each election

brings new Government

as a way to keep the power in the people

and a eye on what is going on.

Both Democrats and Republicans have seen this protest.

Walking the blocks long way around the White House
Paul Sherry Jo
At the front of the White House
When we first came here 20 years ago
you could get a lot closer
Sherry and Jo
Sherry and Jo
We continued walking
back to the Metro
Our own Peaceful
non violent protest

We had walked almost all DC with Jo and Paul

We covered everything plus on their list !

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One last bench to rest
Tom Paul Jo
Sherry – helping a family take a group photo
Certified Health Coach
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Papa’s World – Walking among the Ghosts – Korea

Long known as THE FORGOTTEN WAR –

The Korean conflict war memorial

is to me – “WALKING AMONG THE GHOSTS ” of war.


My brother in law Bill was in this war –

and not once did he ever talk to me about it !

The closest we came was him giving me his sleeping bag –

as a teenager who used it to sleep out on –

North Western chilly nights

in a little town of Eldred Pa.

Jo Paul Sherry
walking from the Wall
to the Korean War Memorial
Sherry Paul Jo
Seeing the GHOSTS for the first time

The sight is becoming – the soldiers – silently walking –

through the shrubs – gray – white –

the effect is startling.

Paul Jo

One can almost feel the tension in the air –

the expected clash about to happen –

I often wonder what it would be like to be there –

not in Korea – but here –

on a dark silent night –

with mist swirling in from the Potomac !

Sherry – walking among the Ghosts
on the Korean War Memorial

That is the sense this brings to me –

in a War mostly forgotten

yet the vast numbers of loss and maimed

remain with us to this day.

Jo and Sherry
reading the message on the memorial
Jo and Paul
The message is here
long ago
but forever written
not to be FORGOTTEN

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Jo remembering

The Forgotten War – being visited by us –

a bucket list cross off

Certified Health Coach

Thank you – Papa’s World – where friends meet family

Paul Jo Sherry

Reflections of the present

among the GHOSTS of the past

The Korean Memorial

The Forgotten War

May we always remember !

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Papa’s World – Touring Washington DC.


The Silver line Metro – in one years time –

The new last stop will be 4 miles from our house

but until then – we must drive to Reston Va.

With no traffic – a twenty minute drive.

Before that – it was Falls Church being the closest stop.

Jo and Paul

This day our objective were to arrive in Foggy Bottom

In the midst of Geaorgetown University

Then walk down the hill to the Lincoln Memorial

It turned into a beautiful day –

Cloud cover – slight breeze – not too hot – a pleasant walk.

Sherry Jo Paul
walking Georgetown University
to the Lincoln Memorial
Paul Jo Sherry
almost to the
Lincoln Memorial

In the twenty years we have lived here

we have made that walk a dozen times or more

The first time was with our daughter Tammy

We had come down to Va. from N.Y.S.

For the job interview for Sherry and myself

as we were transferring with in the company.

We wanted to move South and I had had it with my job

While walking this very same route

We were in the midst of thousands of motorcycles

Every square inch of green space were parked bikes of all kinds.

As we got closer we could hear THE ROAR !

We had by chance encountered our very first


250,000 Motorcycles –

coming across the 14 th. street bridge

and right down Constitution Avenue !

With the Lincoln Memorial right there !

The Lincoln Memorial

Let Freedom Ring – Ride – ROAR !

That crossed my mind as we made our way to the steps

We have been doing this for twenty years –

we are blessed !

Sherry Jo Paul
The Reflecting pool and the
Washington Monument
Paul and Jo

This was a first for Paul and Jo

never had they been here

Jo had fallen six months ago ( playing basketball with Paul )

and had broken her hip

Paul has been having problems with his disks in his back

from all those years of long distance running

They were suppose to visit last April

when all this happened

So we were not sure just how much or far they could walk


A view from with in to
the Washington Monument

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Our adventure continues

onto the ” WALL ” where we all have classmates names.


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Sherry and Tom

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