Papa’s World – Life in the Carolinas!

Spending the holidays in the warm Carolinas – at least warm to me!

Even when it looks gray and drab – at least I see no snow and ice – sand and water are fine for me.

Open-air shopping at the Outlets – love having my coffee and sitting here while I wait for Sherry!

Our family visiting for vacations – brings us much joy – hoping they all come again!

Living in Carolina – nine miles to the border of S.C. living our dream life one day at a time!

Watching sunrise and sunsets from our front driveway – living the southern lifestyle – CAROLINA LIVING!

Golfing with friends – is always a pleasure – one of the WHYS we choose to move down here!

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PAPA’S WORLD – LIFE IN THE CAROLINAS – living life to the plus one day at a time!