Papa’s World – tomorrow – time to VOTE!

One of our RIGHTS under the Constitution is VOTING!

To exercise that right is to cast a ballot

for whomever you feel is the right person.

Personally – I am a Moderate Independent

Leaning both left and right on major issues.

I walk the line so to speak.

I believe in kindness – a helping hand – I also believe in the American dream

Hard work – paying taxes – infrastructure – fair wages

equal opportunity.

A strong military and civil law.

Charity begins at the top

gratitude works upward.

Free religion – freedom of speech

and the right to peaceful protest.

Truth and honesty – leadership –

equal rights and pay for women.

Elections free from intimidation

Voting places for all.

Being able to defend ourselves

I believe in the 2nd Amendment

but not the wholesale of weapons

designed for killing many in a few seconds.

I believe in Democracy

for I believe this to be the best Country in the World.

With all it’s warts and deeply rooted bias

Education – freedom of speech

Justice fair and equally

Being Patriotic

is far from the description of the above

History of the above has been with us since the beginning

We have a choice

either way exercise that choice



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Papas World – As the World turns – so do I!

As we get older – we seem to become more set in our ways!

However – I am from perhaps the most vivid generation to ever exist!

THE 60’s – growing up in both turmoil and a revolution of –


Of all human life!

We had new music – and new Icons – JFK – MLK – and not so liked –

RMN – on the political horizon.

This was the era of PEACE- LOVE and HOPE –

But also of Guns – Protests – Marches and death.

And – the outcome – my generation won against the above.

War came to a end – the peace sign prevailed –

All colors were accepted by majority –

And RMN who was on the horizon –

was sent packing in disgrace in the 70’s.

The Hippies eventually for the most part – became mainstream

And today – they still flash those Peace signs –

They are older now – walking slowly –

They have experience and growth

They are still teaching generations to Love –

And once again – are standing – standing for democracy.

Now known as also Baby Boomers – casting a eye at the Capital.

Putting back on those tie dyed shirts in their minds.

We had become somewhat “Silent”

But – “WE” are moving once again –

As it was in the 60’s – turmoil has once again raised it’s ugly head.

A generation that lead the nation with protest out of a war

no one wanted –

A generation that evolved with human kind in mind

A generation that promotes Peace – Love & kindness

Yes – we are old – we are set in our ways

We are not entitled – we are not elite –

WE ARE WE – a product of the ’60’s –

As it was said by a Nation at war in the 40’s

You have awoken a sleeping giant –

A giant that walked the streets in the 60’s

One who promotes Love – Peace –

And in my case – God – Family and Church.

Sherry and Tom
a product of the ’60’s

We stand together – as one –

We work behind the scenes to promote humankind

And justice for all is prevailing

You see – all those years ago

We helped usher in a new dawn

And we still to this day

Believe in Peace – Hope – Love

and in our case

Family- Church- Country and that peace sign.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

Working toward next year

Cleaning the TOILET!

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