Papas World-Tower Garden The New Version!

The new Tower Garden

Juice Plus company has come out with a new stream lined

Tower Garden and we bought one!

The tank on the bottom has gone from 20 gallons ofwater

To 13 gallons and there now is a float –

That will tell you when to add water!

The grow lights
with built in timer
allow you to grow all Winter
We have ours in the garage
where the temperature
stays around 50 to 55 degrees.

The base also has wheels – no need to buy the wheel cart!

Just screw them in!

The top has been redesigned to allow smaller pods to grow Herbs!

The bottom remains the same for your

Tomato’s – lettuce – Cukes – strawberries – beans – peas –

celery – peppers – squash – melons –

most anything that does not grow on a tree!

All the nutrients
and testing for
PH in your water
and instructions
come with the order

The nutrients are included- enough to get you through

the first year.

All other accessories
are included
even the different seeds!

You will not have to buy anything else

And the best part –

You can set up a 12 month payment plan

with no interest!

All you need is a credit card

You get everything up front!

You do not need
No soil – no weeds!

We have two of the bigger units for Summer outside

They provide us with all that we can eat!

( We actually give away produce – because it is more than we can eat!)

We have one more set up in the garage for Winter!

Even though it is only 50 to 55 degrees

The lights provide warmth when on.

Sherry website
Senior Sales Coordinator
for The Juice Plus Company

For more information – refer to the above web site


Certified Health Coach

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Papa’s World – The other side Reston’s hidden gem.

” Do you want to go to the farmers market ” ? she asked.

A farmers booth

Farmers booth

” Of course” I said – “where are we going” ?

“I will drive” she said.

That means – where ever it is –

it is easier for her to drive than tell me how to get there !!!!!

The Original Reston – “NEW TOWN ” Lake Anne Village

Today – it sits quietly hidden –

across the highway

from what is known as ” RESTON” town center.

A conglomerate of high rise office buildings – hotels – stores –

Huge parking garages

and what is now the last stop on the Silver Line Metro


Lake Anne and the planned community- a large condo unit

It was one of the first PLANNED COMMUNITY

in the Country –

And it reminds me of the housing


Today – it is listed as a HISTORICAL SIGHT –

the entire town and surroundings

then- 1961 – it was planned as a area where you worked – lived and played !

Houses with shops below them

You buy a “HOUSE ” and along with it –

a retail space on the first floor !

The houses are two to four bedrooms –

the retail space you either lease out –

Or run your own business !

And – in the middle of all this a Lake

and down the street

a 18 hole golf course.

This concept was way beyond it’s time !

View of the square from one of the stores

The lake also has numerous homes –

all listed in the millions –

with their own docks and for the most part House boats !


The lake with paddle boats – kayaks to rent

You can rent paddle boats – kayaks – or just walk the miles of trails.

Architecture of the ’60 ‘s
You can see the housing with the store fronts under them.
One listed for $900,000.00
Part of the bricked streets
Lake Anne – tranquil – stand up paddle boats
Sherry and Ginger along the board walk of Lake Anne
Sherry with the statue of the creator of Lake Anne New Town

It is hard to believe that when you are at Reston Town Center –

That right across the street this all exists –

as it is surrounded by huge old growth trees –

and you can not see any of it !

Yet – it remains – a testament to a dream of planning –

Today – I share this with you –

it has been years since I have been here.

We almost always go to the CITY OF RESTON –

We catch the Metro there.

But just beyond the trees –

a Historical little village looms –

And on Saturdays –


They come from Maryland – Penna. and Va. – West Va.

set up their booths

and the quaint becomes bustling –

yet it remains quiet as NO CARS are allowed on it’s streets –

but you can walk – rent a boat or just sit and relax –

Tom – Sherry and Robert E. Simon Jr.
Founder and planner

Or lean in and kiss the one you love –


Hope you enjoyed –

come back for more PAPA’S WORLD