Papa’s World – exploring Bald Head Island, N.C.

Leaving the Ferry Terminal at Southport, N.C.

Our neighbors – Diane and Steve – went with us for the day to explore Bald Head Island –

the only way to the island is by boat – with a very large terminal building.

No automobiles are allowed on the island.

Once there – you can take a tram to your rental or if an owner to your home.

The transportation is by walking – biking or golf carts!

Rental areas are by the departure terminal on Bald Head Island.

On our way to Bald Head Island, N.C.
Our entered the docking area for the ferry at Bald Head Island
Diane standing next to our transportation for the next five hours.

Rentals are easy – use your phone – pay by credit card – five minutes and we were on our way!

While we did not go inside – it was built in 1817!

The island is all set up for golf carts – but there are maintenance trucks here –

I think different companies store them in a parking lot here.

Plumbing – electrical and building companies.

Utilities and machines for road repairs.

I think this is the small house for the lighthouse keeper!

I will continue in the next blog of our tour of Bald Head Island – MY BLOG:

Papa’s World – At Bald Head Island – we had lunch sitting in the sand on the beach.


We had decided to make the trip to this island right off the coast of Southport, N.C.

It is unique in that no autos are allowed – you cross on a ferry boat – and once there –

you either walk – rent a bike or a golf cart!

You can take luggage – in a small shipping container – and a tram will take you to your rental.
Once there – most rentals have golf carts as the whole island is set up for them.

The view from the ferry arriving on the island.

The beaches are wide and plenty of public beach access from the golf cart paths.

Along the way to the beach access – the little house for the lighthouse keeper!

There were many things to see – rows of neat houses – cottages – some private – others you rent.

The beach was deserted – no matter which one we stopped and walked!

Miles of beach – nothing but sand and water.
It was a beautiful autumn day – high 60’s – blue skies and bright sun.

On this midweek day – all the places to eat or drink were closed for the day except one!

And that would close at 2:00 PM.

So – we decided to go back and get a boxed lunch –

and then find the closest beach access – park and walk and sit on the beach and eat!

Papa and Sherry with our neighbors Steve and Diane – they are from Western New York where we lived until 1999!

Eating our lunch sitting on the sand with Diane and Steve – who just happen to live the summer months

back in WNY near where we lived before moving to NVA!

Small WORLD as they now are our neighbors in Cameron Woods – Ocean Isle Beach – N.C.

Our view as we ate lunch.

My next blog will be in and around Bald Head Island – riding the golf cart for four hours!

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PAPA’S WORLD – sitting on the sand having lunch at Bald Head Island