Papa’s World – Giant tidal pool and flying kites on Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.

East end of Ocean Isle Beach – as low tide forms – giant tidal pool – one to two feet deep!
The water in June is really warm , and here Taylor- Bode – Cassidy and I wade around the pool. It was huge and a sand bar formed as the tide went lower.

The Ocean Isle Beach tidal pool is on the east end of the island is near the new groin break wall.

The grandkids played in her for a couple hours and a group of teens just laid on their stomachs in the warm water.

The area does not have many people come to it as you have to walk from your car to get to it!

But – the beach here is so peaceful and quiet.

The tidal pool makes it easy to not have to watch the little ones all the time!

You can see the new groin break wall in the background!

Taylor decided it was time to fly a kite while the other two continued to run and play in the tidal pool.

What was nice was she did not have to worry about other people on the beach as we were in a spot with no one within fifty yards of where we sat.

East end of Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.

She spent a good one-half hour with the kite in the air!

You can see in the pictures just how many people were around – a great spot to spend some quiet time!

Our three youngest grandkids – Taylor – Cassidy and Bode.

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Papa’s World – relaxing and walking the beach – we have seemed to like one better than the other!

Although Ocean Isle Beach is a ten minute drive – we seem to be going to Sunset Beach more often!

This beach is a extra ten minute drive – 8 miles away.

The difference is one is commercial and the other residential.

One is not flat and the other is.

One is more calm than the other.

Both have piers – both have plenty of parking – at least we have had no problems.

The pier at Sunset Beach – a lot of people sit under it to get out of the sun.

And you can see how calm the water is here and the beach wide and flat at low tide.

You can wade out and only be waist high!

Ocean Isle Beach has bigger waves and the beach is up and down.

There is where the mini golf is – the community park with concerts.

Bars and grills and a community center on the beach with bathrooms.

Sunset beach is almost all beach houses and rentals – hardly any big buildings!

We do go to both – Ocean Isle Beach has a big Farmers market a block from the beach.

Sunset Beach has their market on the mainland side as well as their concerts are mainland.

I like the drive to Ocean Isle Beach better – easier to get to.

Ocean Isle has little shops – and easy to walk around.

Many side streets and channels with houses.

Sunset Beach has a marsh on the South end and is where the Kindred Spirit mailbox is.

With low tide – the beach is really wide.

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Papa’s World – Hiking through Vareen Memorial Gardens with family!

Sherry Ella Sarah Papa

We had a fine day to be out and about – so we decided to show them some nature

As they are all about the outdoors!

We went back to Vareen Memorial Gardens –

just before you cross the state line into N.C. in Little River S.C.

Ella Sarah Sherry Sarah is growing up so fast – at 14 she is catching up to both Sherry and Ella!

Across the marsh and over the tidal canals –

at low tide – does not look so scary when empty!

Sarah and Ella who is almost 5′ 9″ tall!

We entered the trees and brush along a sand pathway – trail.

We had been here a couple times before

bringing family to explore and see the ICW and the beauty of a pristine nature walk.

The girls loved this as did Debby who is all about the outdoors and hiking!

Sherry Debby Ella

We soon entered the trees and bush growth

it was shaded in here and I think would be welcomed in the S.C. heat of Summer!

Sarah checking out the shore of the ICW and looking for sea shells!
Debby and her mother – resting before we continue into the forest trails!
Sherry Debby Ella and Sarah

One last walkway before entering the pine and cypress trees!

The path is marked – and branches off in all directions!

Respite from the hot sun!

A shaded walk – can be a couple miles if you select the right path

We choose the shorter route – we had some more places to show them!

WE WILL BE BACK someday we told them!

The sand path through the trees!

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Papa’s World – Cherry Grove – nature walk!

The sign to the entrance of the nature preserve

After a attempt to walk the beach –

the wind was too strong and we opted to try the more

protected walk on the marsh!

The beginning of the trail

Once we got in among the brush and trees

we were somewhat protected from the wind

and the Sun was warm!

Walkway above the marsh and tidal pathways

We could observe the water fowl – the fish and crabs!

The crabs were burying themselves in the bottom mud!

They seemed to know we were there as they quickly buried themselves!

The walk in was on a walkway and then a path through the sand!

We were protected from the blowing wind by the shrubs and trees!
How the tide influences the marsh!

I was ever watchful for snakes and if there were gators?

But – I never saw either one!

There were many signs along the way with information on the area!

Along the way were several covered picnic areas!

Thinking that when family visits –

this would be a good day outing –

first walking the undeveloped beach

and then into the nature reserve and picnic!

Sherry approaching one of the covered picnic areas!

I think this would be a awesome place for a family pcnic!

View of the marsh and channel along with some waterfront houses!

If we had not walked the beach – you would not known –

just how windy it was!

We could see waterfront houses across the channel and marsh!

It was a very nice walk – and we know that there is another nature walk

that we will someday explore!

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Papa’s World – Storms – causing the ever changing beach!

Good morning – before we walk the beach!

We have not had a really bad storm since we have been here!

It has rained hard once – the wind was somewhat strong once!

But – there have been storms way out on the Atlantic Ocean –

that have had a impact on the beaches!

You can see the effect of a storm out to Sea!

I have noticed the erosion of the beach –

the gentle slope is now much less

and it seems that the flat part of the beach

now extends further out!

Just the other side of this dune is almost gone – another big storm will most likely wash this away!
This pier looks new but is missing a section at the far end. I do not know when this happened.
Looking back toward the shoreline
Looking out toward the ocean
And along the side toward the missing section

The beach has changed since we first walked on it!

There are large tidal pools now when the tide goes out

that were not there before!

Maybe when we first walked – that was not the normal?

Where did this come from?
Walking the flat beach now – more flat than before!

Storms out to sea – sending the huge waves pounding the shore!

At night and in the predawn

we can hear the surf –

One of the many storm drains from main street – we have seen them dig out with a back hole!
Tidal pools now where before there were none!
Sherry walking the tidal pools.

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