Papa’s World – crafting with MORMOR!

MORMOR – Swedish for MOTHERS-MOTHER – that has become her name for the three little ones!

Sherry has introduced crafts to all the grand kids –

and to this day – the three older ones still do crafts!

Taylor Bode Cassidy 10 6 10 years old.

All you have to do is say craft and the go right to the table – no fuss!

Busy once again – crafting – she teaches them and now Cassidy helps the other two. She is the one who texts – calls or zooms her MORMOR every day!
Cassidy – who can do any craft by herself – and often sets by herself with her IPAD – listening to instructions and creates pictures and drawings that are much larger than what she sees on the IPAD – drawing freestyle!

The older ones have that same talent – Ella has won awards for her creations.

Taylor – whom loves her alone time – building farms – houses – horses out of LEGO’S!
Bode -the one who is hard to slow down – always on the move – loves his craft time with MORMOR!

She teaches them – one at a time – not only crafts – but life itself!

Here they are after creating their make a shell wish – and MorMor helping to hang those wishes!

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Papa’s World – education has been regulated to the home!

As grand parents and as Parents – trying times are ahead

I never imagined we would be doing this –

monitoring school – class – and a kindergarten first time student!

Set up number two!

We had them all set up and then had to move them.

First – there would be too much distraction for Bode

being in the same room with the twins.

Then we had to move Cassidy

because of feed back from Taylor’s monitor!

After the second set up for Bode upstairs

Tammy had to move him because the lighting was not good

His teacher could hardly make him out

so he got better light in front of the living room window!

He is all set up and is interested in what he is doing

and raises his hand to speak!

He has the computer skills and is learning fast on how to navigate!

Taylor’s classroom

Taylor is the only one to remain in her original chair!

Cassidy wanted to move – and Taylor was happy

to stay where she was!

Taylor and Sherry at my desk site

Taylor is the quiet one – and a very good student.

She listens the best of the three.

She was very happy not to move

Has her blanket to stay warm –

this is in the basement – and cooler down here.

She has all her things and animals

and arranged for her to reach.

Yesterday she got dressed for horse back riding


comes up to Sherry’s shoulder

Sherry is 5′ 9″!

Cassidy’s desk – notice how neat and organized everything is!

Cassidy wanted to be the one to move –

we set up our table in the back room with the flowered sectional.

They use this as the playroom and there is a huge closet

and that is where she moved all the toys by herself

so we could set up the table!

Cassidy with her favorite stuffed animal and one sitting on the table as if watching!

She is the neatest of the three – well Bode has a neat bedroom

but he is all boy and tends to leave whatever he is playing with

and moving onto the next thing.

But – she has to have everything in it’s place

all neat and in rows!

She knows if you move anything!

She can be the sweetest little girl

in her little voice – but she can also be the opposite.

Of the three – she clings to MorMor

asking the questions of when we are leaving

and when she will see us again.

She always makes it a point to say goodnight or goodbye.

Tammy Bode Taylor Cassidy

Tammy was the first one to follow us to NVA

We made the trip back to Rochester to pack her up

and she moved down to live with us.

She is quiet about the move – but like Debby who is very emotional

about us leaving – she is also.

Before Bode Debby Tammy Maddy Ella Sarah Taylor Cassidy
Bode and Marcus
Debby and Mike

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Mike is also a teacher and is teaching from home!