Papa’s World – crafting with MORMOR!

MORMOR – Swedish for MOTHERS-MOTHER – that has become her name for the three little ones!

Sherry has introduced crafts to all the grand kids –

and to this day – the three older ones still do crafts!

Taylor Bode Cassidy 10 6 10 years old.

All you have to do is say craft and the go right to the table – no fuss!

Busy once again – crafting – she teaches them and now Cassidy helps the other two. She is the one who texts – calls or zooms her MORMOR every day!
Cassidy – who can do any craft by herself – and often sets by herself with her IPAD – listening to instructions and creates pictures and drawings that are much larger than what she sees on the IPAD – drawing freestyle!

The older ones have that same talent – Ella has won awards for her creations.

Taylor – whom loves her alone time – building farms – houses – horses out of LEGO’S!
Bode -the one who is hard to slow down – always on the move – loves his craft time with MORMOR!

She teaches them – one at a time – not only crafts – but life itself!

Here they are after creating their make a shell wish – and MorMor helping to hang those wishes!

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Papa’s World – setting up the in home class home – VIRTUAL!

This World now has become the ABNORMAL

is now NORMAL!

By the time you have read this – we have already left –

and are in our rented Condo in North Myrtle Beach.

Yesterday we decided to set up the classroom

Where we have been staying at Tammy and Marcus house.

Sherry at the table – our new office desk

We are staying in the basement which is all finished off.

We have our own bedroom and bathroom.

And this room Sherry is in – is a second living room on that floor

which is where the kids have all their toys and a sectional couch.

Now – we have moved our home office into there.

We kept this breakfast table from our home

This is the first living room in the basement –

we saved our breakfast table and brought it here.

You can see the rest of the room in the mirrors.

This is where for the past two months

we have made our home office-

plus spending time with Debby and Mike at Lake Holiday.

We converted it into desks for the twins.

This now will be starting next week their classroom.

Bode – his desk

We also moved this desk out of the playroom and set up for Bode.

I feel bad for him – this being his first year out of pre-school.

I think he needs that in person touch of his first year.

But – time will tell.

He has everything he needs at this desk.

This is our first attempt

I am sure it will change.

But for now – all three are excited.

All three have computer skills – much more than I.

The school starts sometime next week.

We will be here for that and the following couple weeks.

But then we move out and go South.

This is but one page of this chapter in our life being a vagabond.

We will meet new people – make new friends –

and see old friends.

Leaving behind – our hearts remain

Thank you for reading Papa’s World –

Setting up in home class room – virtual