Papa’s World – in the boat – on the lake – taking shelter during a quick rainstorm.

We had just made our first slow loop around the cove on the tube – Cindy and I.

The sky turned gray – and we could see the rain coming – so we got back on the boat – pulled the tube up on the rear walkway – and headed into the covered dock area.

I had tried tubing – even if it were a slow trip around – and I was ready to go back out again and speed things up!

It was a quick rain shower and we drove onto the boat lift which is covered.
There was no lightening – just a steady rain.

We talked and decided to once again go tubing – this time a little bit faster – as the first time was sort of boring!

The rain continued for about a half hour – and we could watch it from under the canopy. We had some munchies and drinks – and were dry – the boat has a really good radio so we listened to music and talked.
Cindy and I – life jackets on – the rain almost stopped – for the time being – we were dry!

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Next – after the rain – riding the tube and the waves – cross it off my bucket list.
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Papa’s World – more memories of the past six teen months – living life one day at a time!

Debby Ella Mike Papa Sherry Sarah Maddy

On our way back home to NVA – we stopped in Lynchburg to watch Maddy –

Our oldest granddaughter – play soccer!

She starts as a Sophomore – and plays for the University of Lynchburg.

One thing she wanted to do – to get out in the fresh air and hike with her family!

Which we did on this paved trail that runs along the river in Lynchburg Va.

Gerhard and Jennie

One of our very first visitors after we moved to Ocean Keyes in North Myrtle Beach –

was the father and mother of our son in law – Marcus.

They came down and spent four days with us – playing cards – walking the beach –

and introducing us to a new game called RUMMIKUBE!

We have always gotten along with them and every Sunday – sat beside them in the pew!

A short visit – Sherry Sarah Debby – came to visit – Mike could not be here – Maddy was in college.

Debby and the two granddaughters came for a short visit –

and we took them hiking – which they love to do – at Vareens memorial Garden.

Walking along the ICW and over the marsh.

They will be back as we took them also to the new house build!

Carol and Mike – our close neighbors back in WNY for 12 1/2 years!

Mike and Carol – we lived next door to them – invited us and our friends – we have all been friends for years-

to their lake house in WNY -Lake Chatauqua – for a long weekend of riding the lake in their beautiful boat!

They have extended another invitation for this August – the same group – for four days!

They own a business that sends crews to do commercial painting all over the East Coast

and this year are expanding to the mid west.

Mike – started this when he was very young — and what a company he has turned it into!

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Cindy Papa Sherry Carol

On the lake in Mike and Carols boat!

All eight of us fit very comfortable – we spent three days cruising the lake for hours at a time!

All eight of us have been friends for years and years!







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Imagine – meeting old friends – memories – laughter and good times! review blessings

There are times in you r life this happens – but there are times in your life that this is a cherished memory!

We are blessed – we have a lot of friends – some older than the others –

And when you managed to meet up –

That makes a memory that you look back on and smile!


During our trip to Florida last Feb. we made a date to meet up with a couple of the oldest friends I have.

Freddie and Lynda and I go back to the ’70’s –

Fred and I graduated together so I guess that puts us back to the ’60’s!

Freddie Sherry Lynda

When I introduced Sherry to them – they hit it off and you can tell

they still do!

Fred was one of my three best friends in H.S.

CAN YOU IMAGINE – all these years and still laughing

even if years go by and not seeing each other!

Music is top of the list with these friends – singing – tipping a few drinks – and shots! LOL

We have a core group of friends – those that we try to get together with several times a year.

We all lived near each other before we all moved South.

Except Mike and Carol who still live in the old hood!

Cindy – Buck – Dottie – Mike – Sherry – Carol – Jim

Mike and Carol bought a house on the lake Chatauqua in Western New York

and invited us all for a long weekend.

They have extended the invitation once again for next Summer!

Boating – boating and more boating in their beautiful new boat

that fits all of us plus room to spare!

Cindy PAPA Sherry

Old friends – new memories – fun – laugh – CAN YOU IMAGINE!

Sherry PAPA Pam ( PJ) Bob

Bob is one of my three best friends from H.S. – he stayed at my house and me at his.

He ate dinner with us and I ate dinner with him.

We played sports together – and then – lost contact as he moved to N.H.

Later in life he remarried and we connected once more.

Now Sherry and Pam talk on the phone and we make plans of meeting up!

Which before we came South- we met up in Berkley Springs.

Pam had a misstep and injured her achilles

causing her to have surgery

So as right now – we do not know when we shall once again see them.

But friendships exist through time and miles – memories created –


Papa Sherry Elaine Steve

We played volleyball in a league with them during the mid ’80’s!

We golfed with them all the time!

We watched their children grow up and they ours!

We went on vacations to North Myrtle Beach together!

And they are alwys in our minds – planning to get together.

They were the first to come to D.C. to explore!


These are our oldest friends – we have made new friends – life is memories made and memories to be made!

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Papa’s World – we found another place to eat- “SNOOKY’S”

Snooky’s you have to search to find it but worth it!

We learned of this place from a friend of Sherry’s

who lives down here.

And it is hidden behind a huge storage warehouse for boats!

And sits on the ICW!

Watching them load and unload the boats onto or off racks stacked high in the warehouse!

Even with directions on the GPS

we were not sure where to park.

The spaces in front are handicap only!

You can not park to the right facing the warehouse

this is parking for the Marina and boat rentals’

You must come down the left side of the warehouse

and pull in at a angle( note – best to back in – so you can pull out)

This is a harbor for boats and the ICW!

The place itself is a local favorite and we later learned

by Cherry Point – there is a second one!

If you like raw oysters or rocking seafood

this is the place to go plus they serve brakfast

almost all day.


And it was very good!

You could also rent boats here –

and they were very friendly!

The parking fills up fast –

so plan your trip here

and if it is full –

well you can wait for parking!

SNOOKY’S – a local favorite

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Sherry and Papa!

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Papas World – staying with our daughter – 4th of July

I am glad I had my HIPPIE YEARS all those years ago! YIKES!

All those years later – we have sold our home

and are spending time back and forth between our daughters homes.

Here – we are at Debby and Mikes at Lake Holiday – Cross Junction.

We have come for the 4th. of July – and the fireworks on the lake

at a friends of theirs dock!


We have been coming here for the past 14 years to be with them

The three oldest grand daughters!

The friends boat and dock
Debby with the girls out in the water
Debby and Sherry
We all are a family of healthy eating

Sherry is a senior sales cordinator

and Debby a Qualified National Marking Director.

Both for the same company –

The Juice Plus Company

and both certified health coaches.

The peaceful setting – ducks on the water – speed boats –

and pontoon boats pulling tubes and skiers.

fire works at dusk
all the boaters gathered at the marina

We had a excellent view – and had watched the boats headed to the marina.

Observing is my nature – I like to watch – listen –

and I as I get older – I am learning –

looking and feeling the vibes of others.

Ella relaxing
the moon casting light for the boats to navigate
Fireworks on Lake Holiday

I found this funny – but wife may not agree! Lol

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Life with Debby and Mikes family
Lake Holiday – Cross Junction Va.
The three oldest grand daughters
The Myers
Thank You!