Papa’s World – growing up – ELDRED PA.

Sitting on the front porch of North Main Street –

It was a wide and deep porch –

The kind to sit through a rain storm –

and not get wet !

Welcome to Papa’s World

I guess that is why now when I look at houses –

The very first TWO THINGS I look at are –

Front porches and screened in back three seasons rooms with views !

My childhood had the first but not the last !

Memories – some you just can not duplicate

My grand ma – siting out there on her lap –

I somehow do remember that –

which would make me 3 or 4 years old.

Roller skates – the kind that had a key –

I would strap them on and down the street I would go.

The street on both sides was lined with huge old trees –

The kind that six kids holding hands could not encircle the trunks !

Much – much bigger than this one

The roots had made the side walks uneven –

and to navigate them did not seem to slow me down !

I would turn around at Slavins – furniture store –

Back then it was also a service station –

And I remember Jack – he worked there.

There was a Coke machine that sat outside between the bays

Sometimes he would buy me a coke that came in a glass bottle !

Main Street in the late 1800’s

I lived all the way to the top of this old picture on the left –

some of those buildings still existed when i was growingup

And a few are still there today.

You can see the beginning of those trees even back then.

Then – I got my bicycle –


The mountains or hills where I lived

That bike – I had those streamers coming out of the rubber handle grips

And a clothes pin with a card on the spokes –

both front and back.

I rode it everywhere – to the park –

across the tracks –

Up Barden Brook –

And just making it home when the street lights came on !

The streets I rode on

The park – my second home away –

base ball diamond – tennis and basketball courts –

But – the outfield of grass –

beneath the huge telephone poles with lights on them !

Where we choose up teams

and played football for hours !

Back home playing golf in the mountains – hills

Papa’s World – Growing up ELDRED PA.

Part two to follow

after all –

to much to see and tell !

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Part two coming

Papa’s World- heart felt thanks – over 700 views!

Where do I begin –

first – my blog yesterday on –

“Stand by me ”

“ELDRED ” drew over 700 views !

That is amazing from a little town with just 800 population !


I grew up in this little town –

at Halloween time – almost every house –

I knew who they were and their names !

I helped my child hood friend –

Brent Wood – deliver papers –

That was when he bought his go cart and we would ride around town !


I was truly amazed yesterday –

I would check in every once in a while –

And I realized right away –


The last I counted –

it had been shared 15 times !


Back when I was growing up –

this was the sentiment of growing up here

At least that was my impression .

All us kids –

from each end of town and all the streets in between –

It was a real friendship –

heading for the park to play TACKLE FOOTBALL –

Choosing up sides –

Then – the creek by the park –

with all those trails into the woods toward Park Avenue –

When I was young –

I did not go far into the woods –

Instead – just playing in the water with one eye

always on those ferns and trees !

And I guess –

that the feeling still exists today judging by the response –

From people who left years ago –

yet still consider this home.

I am grateful –


I have many more memories and I shall attempt to put them into a blog.

I always wanted to write a book –

My wife Sherry suggested I go back to blogging –


That way –

we could save them all in one place –

have a history so to speak –

A place where future generations can go and read and see pictures.

North Shore – OAHU

Thank you for your support –

Thank you for your comments –

THANK YOU – ALL 700 PLUS – you made my day !

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