Papa’s World – what happened 50 years ago- well if we can remember – we talk about it !

Childhood friends – grade school – sleep overs –

getting to know their parents – the trouble we did not get into

the trouble we did get into –

When friends stop by –

You try to remember all the above –

and then – you get tired and say goodnight –

Those fifty some years went by way too fast !

Pam Bob Sherry

We grew up together in a small town in NWPA –

Six miles from the NYS border –

Where the drinking age was 18

where we lived it was 21 !

But that was later –

first we had to ride our bikes –

go to the park – hang out –

We had to be kids !

Bob Tom

Today – like two old men – we hang out on the corner and talk.

My -how those years have changed us !

But some things never change – friendship – trust

and old stories refreshed –

four friends from the past

riding through a path with pine trees

in a odd car called the NSU PRINCE !

You would of had to be there –

It was a funny moment for us.

The RV and car
Bob waving

Today they are retired just as we are

starting out on a six month journey

first South to Gulf Shores

and then West to Arizona

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

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BOB and Pam

Thanks buddy for stopping

50 plus years is a long time

now I have one more memory to cherish

Oh – by the way – we did use that 18 years old drinking age for NYS !

But those are stories and memories best kept to ourselves !

Tom Bobby Sherry Pam





Papas World – when little ones come to sleep over!

It had been perhaps two months or longer!

They asked to sleep over as soon as we returned home from Florida!

But first – a trip to Trader Joe’s!
Taylor – who is going to be very tall!
Cassidy – and Bode whom look like they should be twins!

The arrangements made – the bed of foam and blankets on the floor

in our bedroom – all three will not sleep elsewhere!

The older three – only Maddy – the oldest will sleep

in another bedroom!

The arrival bags
shoes – boots
and stuffed animals

They would spend the night – and next morning –

get them ready for early church and Sunday school!

Which meant on Saturday

A trip to Barnes and Noble

A stop at Trade Joe’s ( two small shopping carts)

And then back to the house for meals!

Eating snacks
playing minecroft

They were really good – no fighting!

Taylor and her purse
I think of all the grand daughters
she will end up the tallest.
Sherry is 5′ 9″
and she just may surpass that
she now is a Harry Potter big time fan
and riding horses!
Cassidy – who does tons and tons of crafts
all from instructions
on the IPAD!
And now is taking Tennis Lessons!
and is a good roller bladder
very caring and protective of Bode!
Bode – all boy
has just learned to ride his bike
all about trucks
big machinery
and building things
now has a putting puzzles together thing!

The three of them eat all the time!

No matter what time it is

and right after they have eaten!

Yet – they are not fat

but lean –

and so full of energy!

Bodes comfy place
on the couch

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

Today is feel good to be home day

Cassidy arranges her place
and she does this at night
where she sleeps!
everything has to be in order
as is how her room is!
She has a bag – just for all of this!