Papa’s World – Trisha and Shawn – birthdays – anniversary – love you!

Shawn and Trisha

My youngest son – Shawn – and wife – Trisha –

Both back home in NWPA

Where they grew up and we moved from.

The life time commitment

the lifetime of love

wedded – a lifetime ahead

blessings on their union


Asking – love – being together

one for the other

in Gods eyes


Traveling – sharing love

building a life together

forming and expanding their lives

fun times



Birthdays – another year passes

life has gone on –

the journey together –

happiness –

bonded in love.

What greater gift for one another!

Birthday wishes

family together

another year passes

but the family remains

time is but a passing moment upon moment

family is seconds with out end.

Happy birthdays to you both
daughter in law – family.
Happy anniversary to you both
Troy Papa Sherry Shawn Trisha

Being far away – but being close in hearts

distance but love bridges that gap.

Family – always family.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World



Trisha Shawn Troy – my family back home

Happy birthdays

Happy Anniversary

love Dad


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Papas World – my youngest son – Shawn – & Trisha – wife

Trisha & Shawn

Today they live “BACK HOME” in NWPA!

In the mountains of McKean County –

Close to the oilfields of Bradford Pa.

He is now married to Trisha and they run his two business’s!

Shawn started out working for Northern Tier Energy –

And worked his way up from Crew leader to Inspections and Audits.

Working and taking as many classes and training

as he could to get certified.

They were married and he continued his education –

Then he left that company and moved to Clear Results –

Running their warehouse and going out and doing audits –

He started sub-contracting –

And decided to take the plunge and start up his own company.

Shawn and Trisha

With Trisha by his side – she ran the paperwork – taxes – office

While he traveled North from Erie Pa.

All the way South to Uniontown Pa. just outside Pittsburg.

Born were two sides to his business




With contracts from Penna.

and energy companies from the state of Penna.

Troy oldest son
Shawn youngest son

Along the way the business expanded

Shawn was working seven days a week and could not keep up.

He decided to expand to the other side – insulation –

and has hired his brother Troy to run and manage that side.

Troy for years and years has built houses and remodeled them.

His years of experience and work ethic were a ideal fit.

Troy and Shawn

They work well together and Troy is now working on his certificates

To where he can work on the other side doing audits!

Shawn and Troy

They work well together – brothers.

Trisha – Shawn – Troy

He still is working long weeks and long days

But the contracts are coming in more and more

His main business is auditing houses for elderly

who in turn get reimbursed from the state to winterize their homes.

The state and energy companies pay him to do this

and they subsidize the money for the elderly.

A win – win for staying warm during the harsh winters.

The trailer
for the insulation
side of the business

And – by the way – Shawn also is a renown POOL PLAYER!

Playing in tournaments all over the country!


He has won his way to Las Vegas numerous times

in singles – doubles and teams.

I wish I could say I taught him

but other than to hand him a cue stick

that was about it!

He is very good and if he breaks he can run the table

a couple times in a row!

All in all – he has made his name known

and his company in demand.

Proud of this young man & his older brother who watches over him.

Sherry and Tom

Thank you for reading Papa’s World