Papas World – Day # 47 – Sheltering – HAIR – HAIR!!

Well – you know it is time when you start scratching your head! LOL!

At least that is what happens to me as my hair gets long!

But – the NOISE from NEWS has me also scratching my head!

It is not like you can go outside and protest – although some have!

And – not keeping SOCIAL DISTANCING!

Since I write – save and schedule a couple weeks in advance

The talk now is some are easing into reopening

while others are jumping in feet first and no masks on their heads!

I do not know how this will unfold –

but I do know that with this as with most other things

It will become ( pardon the expression)

A pissing match and both sides of the aisle

will once again go at each others throats!

Here I am – stuck in the middle

Jokers to the left

Clowns to the right!

But – this is society – always has been

and it seems always will be.

We seem to self destruct and makes you wonder

just how have we managed this for thousands and thousands of years?

So – I write – not knowing what the subject will be!

You see – as I post on face book – every day – I post FIVE THINGS!

To make you smile – to be happy – make you think and provide

a good thought for the rest of your day!

Which – today – I SAVED TO MY BLOG SITE

and Shared them one by one – and not being able to see them clearly

before I share as when saved they are so small I can’t see them!

So – I decided to write as I shared them –

and this blog reflects just that!

I see stories in my mind – I see memories –

I can not explain it – nor do I understand it!

Once again – I share my thoughts

and right now my hair is long –

as always with me – it makes me scratch my head!

But as always I write – I conjure up thoughts

And thank the Lord at my age I can still do this!

Welcome to Papa’s World



Papa’s World – a bright day in another GRAY DAY !


I write this post in a reflection of a past experience I had with my neighbor !

and his house

It was 2014 or 2015 –

Summer – I was sitting on our front porch –

Which I do all the time – listening to Sports Talk on my radio.

A car came from my right into this intersection –

At first I thought he was just doing a U turn swinging to the right –

and back to the left!

I was sitting to the left by the door

Then he came to a stop and rolled his window down –


His car door and window was facing the house on the corner !

I thought he was looking at the rain gauge on my neighbors house !

Then – he lifted a camera out the window and took pictures !

This all happened within seconds !

And caught me completely by surprise !


Then he completed his turn and sped off !

I had no idea what just happened –

But I sure as hell was going to tell my neighbor when he got home !

You see –

my neighbor worked for the GOVERNMENT –

Actually – as I had learned before –

” THE FBI ” !

In this cyber World

When he got home and came back outside-

I walked over –

greeted him and shook his hand –

We had become a couple guys who stood by the street and talked.

Sports – lawn care – his wife was good friends with Sherry.

I told him what I had seen !

His first response –


At that moment – this would of been genius

You know – I did not even think of that –

it all happened so fast !

That is when he did two things –

One – he gave me his business card –

His name ——– and his credentials


( To this day I still have this card )

And then he told me another two things –

He had been testifying before either the Senate or Congress

Belief in our Country
and the FBI

About the Chinese hacking our security systems


and two weeks prior –

His wife had noticed a black SUV parked across the street –

She had taken down the license plant number

and called his private number

( He told me to call that number )

He ran the plate numbers –

and they came back as they did not exist !

The book I just finished reading
CYBER SECURITY and the capture of Robert Hanssen

Which is why I am writing this blog in light of last weeks testimony

On the Mueller report.

This book tells the true story of just how the FBI captured

the longest running


in FBI or this entire Country’s history !

And it all took place right around where we live –

They captured him in 2001

after his 22 YEARS of giving away our secrets !

( he did damage to this day that still affects our Country )


One of my wife’s friends was this guy Hanssen’s neighbor

and actually spoke to him as he was walking his dog

the day they caught him !

If you read this book – read it to the end

The information is all there for you to make a decision

on what to believe or not believe in the Mueller report

and what is FAKE NEWS vs. REAL NEWS !

The view of my house from my neighbor’s house

My neighbor has since retired

( before the firing of the Director )

and moved away –

My wife is still in contact and last year

They inquired if we were going to be home as they would be in the area.

Unfortunately we were away.

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