Papa’s World – Bode – will you walk with me? Twins – Blue glasses and desks.

He quietly came down the carpeted stairs –

and walked softly over to me where I was writing my blog.

Bode – six years old – our only boy – five grand daughters!

“How many sleeps are left Papa – before you go away”? he asked.

You see – every morning when we stay with them – before 6 am. down he comes.

“Will you walk to the bus stop with me Papa”?

He started a week ago going to actual school twice a week.

Three days at home virtual learning!

Bode – walking to the bus stop with Papa – MorMor and Daddy!

Two sleeps I answered and yes I will walk with you!


The twins – Cassidy and Taylor – have been in virtual learning the entire time

Making the choice not to go back to school –

They are thriving and doing really well!

Cassidy and Taylor – twins – ten years old – at Taylor’s desk in the basement near our room.

They both are in the basement only in different rooms –

they help each other out – Cassidy will always go to Taylor if she does not understand!

I had no idea what the glasses were for – but was told –

“They are BLUE GLASSES Papa – to protect your eyes from the screen on the chrome book”!

WOW – they look so old in them!

Bode – leading the way to the bus stop – love his back pack!

He told us he liked school – does not know how many are in his class –

Does not know how many boys or how many girls are in his class!

” But Papa , I am the fastest one in my class”!


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Taylor and her desk – at ten years old – already 5′ 1/2 ” tall!

Papa’s World –


Cassidy at her desk – so caring for her brother and sister. Everything is orderly and in it’s place.

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Papa’s World – education has been regulated to the home!

As grand parents and as Parents – trying times are ahead

I never imagined we would be doing this –

monitoring school – class – and a kindergarten first time student!

Set up number two!

We had them all set up and then had to move them.

First – there would be too much distraction for Bode

being in the same room with the twins.

Then we had to move Cassidy

because of feed back from Taylor’s monitor!

After the second set up for Bode upstairs

Tammy had to move him because the lighting was not good

His teacher could hardly make him out

so he got better light in front of the living room window!

He is all set up and is interested in what he is doing

and raises his hand to speak!

He has the computer skills and is learning fast on how to navigate!

Taylor’s classroom

Taylor is the only one to remain in her original chair!

Cassidy wanted to move – and Taylor was happy

to stay where she was!

Taylor and Sherry at my desk site

Taylor is the quiet one – and a very good student.

She listens the best of the three.

She was very happy not to move

Has her blanket to stay warm –

this is in the basement – and cooler down here.

She has all her things and animals

and arranged for her to reach.

Yesterday she got dressed for horse back riding


comes up to Sherry’s shoulder

Sherry is 5′ 9″!

Cassidy’s desk – notice how neat and organized everything is!

Cassidy wanted to be the one to move –

we set up our table in the back room with the flowered sectional.

They use this as the playroom and there is a huge closet

and that is where she moved all the toys by herself

so we could set up the table!

Cassidy with her favorite stuffed animal and one sitting on the table as if watching!

She is the neatest of the three – well Bode has a neat bedroom

but he is all boy and tends to leave whatever he is playing with

and moving onto the next thing.

But – she has to have everything in it’s place

all neat and in rows!

She knows if you move anything!

She can be the sweetest little girl

in her little voice – but she can also be the opposite.

Of the three – she clings to MorMor

asking the questions of when we are leaving

and when she will see us again.

She always makes it a point to say goodnight or goodbye.

Tammy Bode Taylor Cassidy

Tammy was the first one to follow us to NVA

We made the trip back to Rochester to pack her up

and she moved down to live with us.

She is quiet about the move – but like Debby who is very emotional

about us leaving – she is also.

Before Bode Debby Tammy Maddy Ella Sarah Taylor Cassidy
Bode and Marcus
Debby and Mike

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Mike is also a teacher and is teaching from home!



Papa’s World – setting up the in home class home – VIRTUAL!

This World now has become the ABNORMAL

is now NORMAL!

By the time you have read this – we have already left –

and are in our rented Condo in North Myrtle Beach.

Yesterday we decided to set up the classroom

Where we have been staying at Tammy and Marcus house.

Sherry at the table – our new office desk

We are staying in the basement which is all finished off.

We have our own bedroom and bathroom.

And this room Sherry is in – is a second living room on that floor

which is where the kids have all their toys and a sectional couch.

Now – we have moved our home office into there.

We kept this breakfast table from our home

This is the first living room in the basement –

we saved our breakfast table and brought it here.

You can see the rest of the room in the mirrors.

This is where for the past two months

we have made our home office-

plus spending time with Debby and Mike at Lake Holiday.

We converted it into desks for the twins.

This now will be starting next week their classroom.

Bode – his desk

We also moved this desk out of the playroom and set up for Bode.

I feel bad for him – this being his first year out of pre-school.

I think he needs that in person touch of his first year.

But – time will tell.

He has everything he needs at this desk.

This is our first attempt

I am sure it will change.

But for now – all three are excited.

All three have computer skills – much more than I.

The school starts sometime next week.

We will be here for that and the following couple weeks.

But then we move out and go South.

This is but one page of this chapter in our life being a vagabond.

We will meet new people – make new friends –

and see old friends.

Leaving behind – our hearts remain

Thank you for reading Papa’s World –

Setting up in home class room – virtual



Papa’s World – The life of a grand parent!

Times have changed – today it is IPAD – SMART PHONE

and they can do it better than I can!

In this picture there is Sherry and all six grandkids.

Soon – in a little over three weeks – we will be leaving.

Going South – for FIVE MONTHS

trying to think out our possibilities

Do we rent – buy – house – apartment – condo!


Until then – next week – the three little ones start virtual classes.

Now – I can show them how to butter bread –

cut a piece of pie or cake

even use this as a screwdriver or the other end as a hammer

but – I know nothing when it comes to being a techie!

They all know more than I do!

It will be hard for them in not going to school.

Having interaction with other kids

and with the teacher face to face.

Not to mention – the parents who work.

Where this all ends – I do not know.

We are going to help them get all set up at home.

We will be here for the start up.

Being grandparents can be hard in this new age.

And now – the new norm for the time being.

In a little over three weeks – our new adventure begins

we have already rented and paid for five months.

Watching them last night when they came home

rushing down the stairs to see us

all three talking at the same time

It will be hard on them also

Life as a grandparent can be hard

life as a grandchild can be harder

life now as we know it –

well – we shall live that life one day at a time

For that we are grateful –

that is why I write –

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


Going to miss them all.

Papa’s World – living healthy through my grand kids !

A few days ago –

I saw a post that stated ” GRAND PARENTS REMAIN YOUNG ” while watching their grand kids ! Boy – that was right on !

As most of you know – Sherry and I – pick up the twins from school -bring them home until their father picks up the youngest ( only boy grandchild) and then stops to pick up the twins !

Tammy opened her store almost one year ago – Kids consignment store – which is open every day except Monday 10 am. – 5 pm.

So – they needed help and we stepped in along with Marcus’s parents Jennie and Gehard. Since Bode’s preschool is close to them – they pick him up at 1:00 pm. and then Marcus goes after work to pick him up.

Now I must say – I really enjoy my little trip to the school – a little over one mile away. “PAPA – BE FIRST IN LINE ” is what they tell me. Well – even though I am in line one hour before they get out – most times I am second !!! That person must get there after breakfast !But – I use that time to listen and read !

Listening to my favorite radio station – not classic rock or country or rap or whatever else is out there – but ” SPORTS RADIO” 106.7 The Fan! I enjoy kicking back – using a couple wadded up blankets – for a pillow – and just spacing out listening to the talk show. This relaxes me and yes sometime I catch a quick 10 minute power nap ! When I was working – I used my lunch – one hour – every day to do the same thing ! Habits are hard to break !

But – I also listen to these two little girls – talking – conversing and sometimes a argument breaks out ! Now at that time I either look back and tell them to stop or I turn up the radio so loud – that they become silent ! LOL But I find they actually talk so much like adults – on their own daily lives.

Being with them makes me feel young at heart – relating to them – and oh my goodness – the questions are endless – and” WHY” is always asked.

But – then it gets adult like with the answer ” OF COURSE ” or ” ACTUALLY ” or “PAPA” ! I love that – and it makes you think when you answer the “WHY” !

” WHY ARE YOU NUMBER TWO AND NOT NUMBER ONE ” ? I get that one almost every week ! But – how can you argue the fact that life is about staying young even though it might only be a frame of mind !

Turn back time – can’t – capture thoughts words and deeds in pictures – you can – but staying young is a art that we all try to master.

Mine is a matter of mind over physical – thinking – acting and doing! I may not be number one in line but I think I try harder at being number two – after all – “PAPA – WHY AREN’T YOU NUMBER ONE ” keeps me on my toes each week to give a answer and that my friends keeps me young !

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Papa’s World – Two years in a row – ” THE MIGHTY MACAW”

She had no idea – we were told as were her parents –

Taylor – eight years old –

was to be recognized in a assembly Tuesday !

Madison Trust Elementary School –

their school ensigma is THE MACAW !

And – each year

each grade will name students

and present them with a award –

The award is for achievement – helpfulness – kindness – respectful – patience


Foe the second year in a row –

Taylor was called upfront –

and presented the award !

Taylor – on stage in front of the assembly – being presented the MIGHTY MACAW AWARD

She had no idea – and her third grade class has nearly 230 classmates !

Although they are twins –

they are like day and night !

Cassidy is the busy one –

always moving – doing – cartwheels – rollerblading

Taylor – she likes her alone time –

studying – reading – horses – animals.

Bode came to watch

She was so giddy – smiling – and surprised –


Always that smile

Her smile – her warmth – her always helping others.

She loves animals

I will always remember her

as the one who comes for a hug –

But also as the one who disappears –

to find her off somewhere alone –

Reading a book or writing a journal on horses !

Taylor loves riding

She is our little equestrian –

learning not only how to ride –

but care for them !

She writes books and journals –

researching – books from the library.

Her school essays are on horses.

Someday – I see her in competitions !

Always a smile – always horses

Yesterday she was recognized – walking upfront –

smiling – giddy –


good citizenship award –




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