Papa’s World – Giant tidal pool and flying kites on Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.

East end of Ocean Isle Beach – as low tide forms – giant tidal pool – one to two feet deep!
The water in June is really warm , and here Taylor- Bode – Cassidy and I wade around the pool. It was huge and a sand bar formed as the tide went lower.

The Ocean Isle Beach tidal pool is on the east end of the island is near the new groin break wall.

The grandkids played in her for a couple hours and a group of teens just laid on their stomachs in the warm water.

The area does not have many people come to it as you have to walk from your car to get to it!

But – the beach here is so peaceful and quiet.

The tidal pool makes it easy to not have to watch the little ones all the time!

You can see the new groin break wall in the background!

Taylor decided it was time to fly a kite while the other two continued to run and play in the tidal pool.

What was nice was she did not have to worry about other people on the beach as we were in a spot with no one within fifty yards of where we sat.

East end of Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.

She spent a good one-half hour with the kite in the air!

You can see in the pictures just how many people were around – a great spot to spend some quiet time!

Our three youngest grandkids – Taylor – Cassidy and Bode.

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