Papa’s World – Touring Washington DC.


The Silver line Metro – in one years time –

The new last stop will be 4 miles from our house

but until then – we must drive to Reston Va.

With no traffic – a twenty minute drive.

Before that – it was Falls Church being the closest stop.

Jo and Paul

This day our objective were to arrive in Foggy Bottom

In the midst of Geaorgetown University

Then walk down the hill to the Lincoln Memorial

It turned into a beautiful day –

Cloud cover – slight breeze – not too hot – a pleasant walk.

Sherry Jo Paul
walking Georgetown University
to the Lincoln Memorial
Paul Jo Sherry
almost to the
Lincoln Memorial

In the twenty years we have lived here

we have made that walk a dozen times or more

The first time was with our daughter Tammy

We had come down to Va. from N.Y.S.

For the job interview for Sherry and myself

as we were transferring with in the company.

We wanted to move South and I had had it with my job

While walking this very same route

We were in the midst of thousands of motorcycles

Every square inch of green space were parked bikes of all kinds.

As we got closer we could hear THE ROAR !

We had by chance encountered our very first


250,000 Motorcycles –

coming across the 14 th. street bridge

and right down Constitution Avenue !

With the Lincoln Memorial right there !

The Lincoln Memorial

Let Freedom Ring – Ride – ROAR !

That crossed my mind as we made our way to the steps

We have been doing this for twenty years –

we are blessed !

Sherry Jo Paul
The Reflecting pool and the
Washington Monument
Paul and Jo

This was a first for Paul and Jo

never had they been here

Jo had fallen six months ago ( playing basketball with Paul )

and had broken her hip

Paul has been having problems with his disks in his back

from all those years of long distance running

They were suppose to visit last April

when all this happened

So we were not sure just how much or far they could walk


A view from with in to
the Washington Monument

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Our adventure continues

onto the ” WALL ” where we all have classmates names.


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Sherry and Tom

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The Vietnam Memorial


Papa’s World – 1999 – we first saw it – 2019 – the last one “ROLLING THUNDER”


Memorial Day weekend – 1999 –

e had just agreed to a transfer to work in NVA –

the Three of us – Sherry – myself and our youngest daughter Tammy –

Had just come up on the street in D.C. at Foggy Bottom –

George Washington University –

we were going to tour Washington – when we heard the ROAR !

MOTOR CYCLES – a lot of motor cycles – what was going on ?

Thousands of Motorcycles

There were bikes everywhere – parked – every place you could fit one –

and flags – black leather – tattoo’s – noise – vendors –

As we walked down hill and closer to Constitution Avenue – the crowds were huge !

Our grand daughters – Ella and Maddy

2019 – Memorial Day weekend – 20 years to the day later –

we retraced those steps –

this time with our two oldest grand daughters – Ella & Maddy Myers.

Just across the 14 th. street bridge the Pentagon parking lot.

They had come to stay with us for a couple days –

these two laugh and giggle all the time –

but across the bridge – from the Pentagon – came the noise

The ROAR – thousands and thousands of bikes – riders – flags on the rear –

And lining the street – sometimes 10 deep –

the whole of Constitution Avenue – Tens of thousands of people !

We met up with family

We met up with part of our family who had come from afar – Pa. & N.C.-Va.

To see what is to be the LAST RIDE of


It has gotten too costly – and I guess some ill will from the Pentagon –

Too bad as they are riding for our VETS – POW’S and MIA’S !

Ella- Sherry – Maddy and me

What we first saw 20 years ago – we were able to share with these two.

A beautiful day to walk around –

see DC as you never see it with Bikes everywhere !

And to share this with family !

Nathan – Mr. “B” – Lindsey from Pa.

Kristy & Casey from N.C.
Mia & Olivia from NC

We spent the day watching the ” ROAR” which went from Noon –

and was still going at 4:00 PM.

Cousins – with the Balsis and Jones family

Kyle and Bethany from Manassas Va. – their five children and a guest .

Casey and Tom- PICK A PAIR ! LOL
They parked everywhere they could find a space
Ella – Maddy and Sherry
Our oldest grand daughter Maddy – a American Elm tree planted in 1850
The Capital from the Mall

My happy place when we visit and walk DC – THE MALL !

It says it all

20 years we have been doing this –

bringing family – friends and sometimes just ourselves –

riding in on the Metro or driving in –

Wishing everyone a great Memorial day –



The “ROARING THUNDER ” was established for the VETS of the Vietnam War.

Today – it is a symbol for ALL VETS –

let us not forget those Vets –

And each day forward –

let us remember the NAM vets in a war no one wanted –

but they served –

They were not welcomed home –

politics has a way of doing that –

” ROLLING THUNDER ” was for them –

and my memories go back to that day in 1999 –

I am forever grateful for them –

for by the grace of God – it could of been me.

Sherry & Tom

I hope you enjoyed our little trip down memory lane –

many times we have stood right here.

Thank you –

#livinglifetotheplus #homeagain