Papas World – walking historic Winter Haven

One thing we most wanted in our AIRBNB

We had to have access to walking

And there had to be things to walk to!

This – we have – as we walk everyday –

and it is mostly warm – shaded – and sun

And safe to walk about!

View from our front entrance
facing toward
the Old Town
of Winter Haven Fla.

We could walk a block and we were

in a redeveloped park – with benches and lots of shade!

This section has all been upgraded

pastel brick painted

bright colors

The old buildings
made of brick
painted and trimmed out
full of different stores
One of four different streets
with the coffee shop
and library at the end
of the street

In this picture – the park is at the left

and in total runs a good four blocks

At the end of the park
in the direction left
is a lake where every
third Saturday
is a ski show
put on by Cypress Gardens!
A ski jump
in the lake for the show
Part of the area
for the ski show

And YES – there are gators in these lakes!

However – we never saw any here!

I would not go swimming
or wading here
they say go to the middle of the lakes
to swim or water ski
but I will pass!

However – the views are awesome!

And we walked here often!

The trees are green
with flowers
almost all of them
This was laying
on the ground
and was really soft

In the opposite direction

we often walked more

simply because all the stores

bars and restaurants

saloons and barber shops

a lot of either one

and the smells of lunch – dinner

and music!

The entrance to the library
to the right
and our favorite coffee shop
to the left
Where Ella would have a
chocolate chip cookie!

We would stop every evening

for a small coffee and ice tea

and just sit and watch the sunset

One of the many fountains
in the park

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


After our daily walk
back to the confines
of our rental
and looking forward to our next walk!

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Papas World – our home away from home!

Our vacation rental
in the historic district
of Winter Haven Florida!
The entrance gate – some 20 feet high
and locked – each time we leave
the entire structure is block and stucco
painted white like a fortress!

We rented this place through VRBO sight unseen

except in pictures and reviews

That is the chance you take

But – we took it and are happy with it!

As you enter – you are greeted
by a long narrow hallway
and a set of stairs
to the second floor bedrooms
full bathrooms and
a small laundry room

You turn left into the dining room

with another narrow hallway leading past the kitchen

straight to the living room

with a half bath off this hallway to the right

The dinning room where I set up my office

and when we had company – ate our meals!

Off the dining room
a narrow hallway
with a half bath on the right
and a doorway on the left
to the galley kitchen
straight a head is the cozy
living room
and beyond that
a entirely closed in patio
with 20 plus foot high walls!
The galley kitchen is narrow but has everything we needed!
View back toward the dinning room
View of the galley kitchen
from the dinning room
toward the living room

Although it was narrow – and not really a place for more than one

to work unless you were at opposite ends

it functioned well and we just got use to it!

The living room – very cozy
with a log burning fireplace to the right
which we used – buying those burning logs
from the store
the ones you just light
and it burned for a good four hours!
Ella – our grand daughter laughed at it
saying it was a fake log
but it did put off heat!
And beyond – a enclosed patio
with walls going up past the window
on the second floor!

We were very comfortable in this room.

The furniture was white leather
and very comfortable
You can see in the other picture
the enclosed back patio
the walls went up above the second story bedroom window!
We never used either patio
it was too cool when we first arrived
or we would get back home too late and after dark
The living room fireplace
The front patio
again with walls that went above the second floor
At the top of the stairs
on the second floor
the laundry room to the right
and straight a head
the guest bedroom and bath
where Ella and later
Sherry’s sister Debbie stayed.
The spare guest room
very comfortable
as were all the beds
Huge closets that
ran the whole length
of the wall with lots of storage!
The guest bathroom
with a over head sky light
that you did not need lights on
during daylight!

The whole guest area was very comfortable and was entirely away

from the master bedroom!

The doors in the place were solid and very thick!

Even the doors to the stacked
washer and dryer were solid
and very thick
All the door casings were made out of 2 x 12’s
with 2×6 and 2×4 trimmed pieces!
I have never seen this done before
and all seemed to be rough cut!
The master bedroom was large with
a king sized bed
and two very large closets
And also its own wood burning fireplace

Our bedroom was the biggest room in the entire house!

With its own TV and when the door was shut

you could hardly hear anything!

Master bath

Well – this was our home away from home!

And they told us that the next rental would be the last

through VRBO!

They were going to lease it by the year!

It was in a great spot as we walked almost everywhere

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

The stairway down
to the front door
notice the hand rail
all the casings and trim were like this!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

Front door to the gate
and then the car
parked right
in front!

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Well we discovered – two blocks away –

A theater that opened in 1925!

And – still had shows during the week!

Welcome to the ” RITZ”

in Winter Haven Florida!

Ritz Theater
Winter Haven Florida

We knew her sister Debbie was flying in to spend the week

So – we booked tickets

for a John Denver Tribute

put on by Tom Becker

Former member of the folk group

The New Christy Minstrels!

And the price $10.00 each

They were sold out for two performances!

Growing up I was classic Rock
But the Eagles changed all of that

We did not know what to expect

but it was all set up like dinner table’s

and we were table # 48!

There were more tables

so I think 3 to 4 hundred people!

I was impressed
in the elegance
and in the performers

We had great seats – toward the back – but up-

we could see over everyone

they sold drinks – beer and snacks

Black table cloths

and the theater was freshly painted

or very well maintained!

Sherry and Debbie
going up to the entrance

The performance was very good –

He sounded exactly like John Denver

and even played a couple songs he wrote and recorded

along with a song form the New Christy Minstrels!

The decor was really nice
and this was our view
it filled up
and no seats were left!

Thank God I’m A Country Boy!

And the list goes on and on!

You just do not realize

the number of songs John Denver wrote and sang

And we knew every one of them!

Plus -his very first hit song –

The fifth song he ever wrote

went to number one – but not by him!

” I’ll be back babe” was the first title

only he wrote it for

PETER – PAUL & MARY and retitledto


Their only number one hit!

Debbie – Sherry’s sister
who flew in to stay for a week

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

and our little music trip

down memory lane

What John Denver
was all about
plus the environment!

Welcome to Papa’s World