Papa’s World – Memories and random humor!

A good season – waiting for next year – we are from WNY a long time ago – MEMORIES!

Can you remember this happening/ I CAN!!!!!!

Walking the ramp to the beach at Sunset Beach for the sunset – priceless – MEMORIES!

Been there – and doing that! LOL Life as a senior! MEMORIES ARE BEING MADE!

My go-to drinks during the day – are COMPLETE – DUTCH CHOCOLATE – ICE – ALMOND MILK – BLENDED!

Now it is just sitting back and watching – knowing what will happen and having learned from our pasts! MEMORIES!

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On the ICW with our neighbors Diane and Steve – MEMORIES AND RANDOM HUMOR!

Papa’s World – Random pictures – thoughts and memories.

Christmas decorations for 2022 in our home in Cameron Woods Community – OIB, N.C. Our second Christmas here in our new home!

I do not run because I thud – thud – jarring my whole body – so I walk – almost every day 2 to 3 miles – and strive for 10,000 steps.

The closest beach to our home is four miles and is Ocean Isle Beach – with a pier and this entrance is the Community Center!

At Crooked Hammock in Barefoot Landing, S.C with family when they visited after Christmas but before New Year’s Eve!

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Long ago Pier picture of OIB – RANDOM PICTURES – THOUGHTS – and PICTURES – MY BLOG!

Papa’s World – Memories – Random and family and friends!

We are so blessed to have the family and friends we have in our MEMORIES!

Sherry and Cindy – friends since we were neighbors all those years ago – in WNY at Pleasant Acres Drive!

Elvis was in the house at the Carolina Opera – great show and memories of a bygone age! MEMORIES!

Troy – my oldest son and his partner – Andrea – summer visit – hoping they come back this summer. MEMORIES!

Walking in the neighborhood with family and friends – creating lasting – MEMORIES!

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Papa’s World – Just some random pictures and thoughts!

Loving life here in the south measuring sunshine and clear skies – golfing in the winter!

The marshes of Sunset beach – in my mind never get old – the ability to see this every day – living life to the plus.

No cares – no worries – just nights at home with my soulmate! Dreams come true.

Cotton candy sky – the ever-changing days and nights – yet no snow or ice – our lifestyle –

Life with humor and smiles in my thought is priceless.

Just a short random picture and thoughts and smiles in today’s blog in PAPA’S WORLD!