Papas World – in the South – a Christmas Parade

We had traveled to Raleigh N.C. to see Sherry’s sister.

On that Saturday – we went into Raleigh early

11-23-19 parade started at 9:15 am.

to find a parking spot

and meet up with her daughter – husband and two grand kids.

Tom and Sherry
in downtown Raleigh
waiting for the parade
to start

This happened to be the 75th. year of this parade

a parade that was scheduled to go for 2 1/2 hours!

But – rain was predicted

we hoped we would see it all!

The first marching band was from

The University of North Carolina State

North Carolina State marching band
I am guessing some where
around 5 or 6 hundred
in the band
They kept coming
and performed just past us
The end of North Carolina State marching band

We managed to see all kinds of units

clowns – horses – cars – trucks – drill teams

But the marching bands kept coming

And they almost all were High School and huge

One after another

The uniforms were just fantastic

and most seem to be from this area

We got to see them all perform just past our spot
Our niece Kristy – daughters and husband Casey
along with Sherry’s sister Debbie

The rain held off – there were floats – Queens and courts

both local and state.

Band after band
It started to sprinkle

Gingerbread – followed by a band – preceded by a band

They were running with the shark
and would run toward the crowd
on either side of the street
and at the last moment
turn away
the kids loved it!
There were about a dozen trucks like this
Star Wars
20 to 30 people
dressed up
like all Star Wars people
Many Ethnic groups marched
The many different Queens

It was here that it started to rain harder

we had watched for two hours

a dozen or two of marching bands

We started gathering up our chairs

covering our heads

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

The legion for Star Wars

We stayed as long as we could

I felt sorry for the remainder of the parade

as I looked up the street – there was no end in sight

we had seen in two hours so much it is hard to explain

or to remember.

watching the marching bands
Put this parade on your bucket list
It was not on mine
but I want to return
it was that good!

Thank you

Papa’s World


The Christmas parade – RALEIGH NORTH CAROLINA

Papa’s World – ten years living life – looking ahead

Living life – doing it my way – the name of my blog –

And that is how our life together has gone.

Phoenix TEN years ago
Juice Plus Conference

The years have passed – but we still maintain a healthy lifestyle

Traveling – helping other people –

To this day – we love our life

When you come close to passing away

at least for me

there was no flashes of my past

no profound moments

but there was a inner peace

one that just ” LIVE FOR THE MOMENT”

and be grateful for what I lived.

Summer of 2019
Napa Valley
wine country

We could not do this without each other

Sherry – Certified Health Coach

Her health business

and my number one cheerleader

The one who keeps me healthy

Raleigh North Carolina
75th. Christmas Parade

Today – we gather our belongings

pack up and head home

but first a trip to the Farmers Market

then the highway.

Our next long awaited trip

in February with our second oldest grand child

a trip for her 16th. birthday

One month in the warmth of Florida

and one week for her and a trip to

Star Wars theme park.

She is a huge fan !

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

Looking ahead to the next ten years


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