Papa’s World – “Who you goona call – GHOSTBUSTERS”! Fixing the island counter!

On our walk through – Sherry found the corner had broken off and they had glued it back on!

It had come as far as we could tell – from the vendor shop like that!

It had plastic wrap on it and she could feel the glue on the top.

You can see the crack line and then the amount they were cutting off.

The warranty said they had the right to fix it – either in place or they take it off and back to the shop!

If they took it off – we would be one week before they would come back!

But – there was the problem of dust and chips!

We did not want the house full of all the dust!

When they showed up – I talked to the crew and they assured us they could control the dust and chips.

They were suppose to take it off and do it off site.

All they needed was plastic which they put down – then they discovered they had no more plastic.

Wait a second Sherry says – I have king sized sheets!

“So who you goona call – GHOSTBUSTERS”

I got some bag clips – and they clipped the two sheets together – and the three of them went under the sheets – with a huge vacuum – and they began cutting and grinding!

It worked – king sized sheets – plastic down on the floor – hardly any dust or chips!
They had to cut both corners so they would match.
The crack has been cut off and grinded smooth and polished!
The opposite corner cut – grinded and polished to match!

If we were not happy -we could of made them switch out the counter top –

but all our counters match including the sinks in the bathrooms.

This was a quick fix – ten minutes on each corner!

The cracked corner is gone – we thought it looked great – and hardly any clean up!

So – we once again had great sevice on the repairs we have made a list of.

We avoided all the work of taking the counter top off and risking more damage.


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Papa’s World – the trim work is done – the grading complete – doors hung – almost there!

The dormer siding is done – landscaping in and irrigation done – the grass is in even though I have no pictures!
Before the landscaping and irrigation – the grading – has to be smoothed out!
The irrigation in and being tested – the landscaping in – grass has now been added – as has the garage door – and gutters are on – the lanai has been screened in and painting on inside started!
The trim is done – repairs made to drywall and sanded down – painting has begun! This is the sun room.
The lanai which has since been screened in – Sherry standing where door will be to the open patio and fire pit.

We get daily updates from a neighbor – the Quartz has been delivered – I know there was a wait for the tile!

French doors to the office – this is one of the main reasons we selected this model – along with a front porch! The layout provided us a place for desks for Sherry’s Internet business and a place for me to write!
Nice size trees and one more on the other side of the driveway! I like the bushes – and we will develop the back the way we want to plant – we envision large planters of flowers also.
Sherry standing in the covered front porch which I wanted as I sit on the porch all the time- Love when it is a light rain!
Walking is our way to stay healthy – praying for World peace – loving our family – friends – neighbors!
Hall closet – pantry and kitchen with island – quartz counter tops and 12 inch subway tile for back splash!
Breakfast nook with windows out to the enclosed screened in lanai!


MASTER BEDROOM – Tray ceiling – bump out – ceiling fan to be installed – there will be a total of seven ceiling fans to circulate the air when not using the AC!
The left side of the house with landscaping and third tree!



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