Papa’s World – visiting the headquarters of the Washington Football Team – near our home!

GOOD MORNING – memories of the “REDSKINS” training facility!

We lived about six miles from the headquarters of the Washington Football Team in Loudoun Co.

Many a time I would take a half-day vacation – and drive over to watch the team practice!

This one time they had a car show – a lot of the players showed their cars and SUVs.

Cassidy Marcus Tammy with the stroller for the twins.

One day I met Tammy and Marcus and the twins over there to see the cars.

Many of the players at that time were also there.

Memories of a trip with the kids to the park!

Cassidy fell down – Taylor looking on.

Other times I would go and just watch them practice – at no cost.

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We had a lot of fond memories of being so close to the headquarters –

Driving by it all the time on our way to church or shopping.

Taylor holding Marcus’ hand.

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