Papas World – Growing up in a little town – my family.

We did not know that we did not have much!

We never talked about it – we had a black and white TV.

We had numerous cars – first one I remember was when we

brought my baby brother home from the hospital in 1954?

It was a green color and I remember being in the back seat

The upholstery was a fuzzy feeling

and Mom was in the front with Mike and dad driving.

We had the old rotary phone on the wall by the steps to the celler.

Back at that time – it was a “PARTY LINE”!

And you called the operator and gave her I think three numbers.

Then it changed and we got our own number

to which I still know to this day!

And next door my sister lived and I know that number today!

I remember riding with my father and little brother

Across the state line to NY State and to Portville

some maybe 8 miles away.

To a place called “WILSON’S FRUIT STAND”!

It was a treat for us as we always got something

maybe a apple or orange

And my dad always bought a case of Carling’s Black Label

once a week!

Mom and dad drank beer –

There was a group of friends

The Framptons up the street – the West’s out on the South of town

The Howells also on the South of town.

The Petruzzi’s – ( sp ) who was my dads best friend Elmer and Angie.

The Marones – they all bowled together – played cards

and went for vacations to fish in the far North of Canada.

That was before I was old enough to go

and then my little brother came along

But I saw the pictures – my older brother – not my sister –

I do not know why she did not go?

But – my brother was friends with Ron and his father and mother

Elmer and Angie and they remained friends until he passed away

four years ago.

We have our friends today just as they did.

We never had a color TV until 1968 – after I was gone.

I actually had roller skates for a long time before

I got my first bike – a Western Flyer

Then I was off to the park and all points of the town.

My mom was small – maybe 5’2″

and my dad just shy of 6’0

Back then that was tall.

But she ruled the roost so to speak.

We did not have much – no spending money as kids.

My older brother worked and my sister baby sit.

But – I did not know what I did not know.

My memories are good ones.

I remember the very first time I heard


It was the H.S. cafe and a childhood friend

from when I was perhaps 10 or 11

came into the cafe singing this song as he got in line.

But that is another story for another time

We did not have much in growing up

But I retained a load of memories rich in thought!

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Papas World – REDS & TRUDYS back home

You know when you move away – there are somethings that

you always miss and make a attempt to see or do again!

In the foothills of the Alleghany Mountains

Of Western New York State

Near the border with Pa.

Is one of those you just have to go back to!

Good day to you all!

That special place has been there since 1924 !

Almost 100 years and still going strong!

A place so unique – that in all my travels

I have only seen it in another place

and that is because a former resident

opened the same kind of place!

In North Carolina!

Welcome to a pleasant surprise!

Know locally for it’s little space – warm atmosphere

and its BURGERS & FRIES – shakes and friendly service

REDS & TRUDY’S is a gem in a field of granite!

The BURGERS are unique in that the are not paddies

but crumbled – baked and toasted buttered – salt covered rolls


Along with the extras of cheese and diced up onions!

Top picture
Its small but packed with flavor!
The old stools and slide into booth’s
The smell and wait are well worth it!

The meat is always crumbled – baked in a hot oven

and the rolls buttered – sprinkled with salt

and heated in the oven

to come out a little toast

yet the whole thing melts in your mouth!

And they have been doing it this way for 96 YEARS!

The rain bow is here!

The same family has operated this since 1958!

62 years!

REDS & TRUDYS is a institution back home.

The people who grew up and lived within 50 miles

and then moved away

well this is their go to when they come back!

Like plastic bubbles
are always a memory
and a place to visit
when you go home!

In 2018 -they were bestowed upon

by The Olean Chamber of Commerce

The Presidential Award

for continued excellence


Sherry and Tom

If you ever get to Portville New York – just as you enter

On the left sits this little eatery.

Do not be surprised if there are no seats-

But do not worry – they have a walk up window

where you can order


and the homemade SHAKES!

Oboy – makes me want to go back one more time!

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Where friends meet the family!