Papa’s World – Senior night

The last regular game of the season – soccer – girls – both J.V. and Varsity.

Seven seniors – four have played together for 10 plus years.

Our granddaughters – Maddy Meyers – varsity – & Ella Myers J.V. – both play for James Wood H.S. in Winchester Va.

The J.V. team – Ella is the starting Midfielder – finished the season 10 wins 2 losses 3 ties .

The Varsity – Maddy is the starting Midfielder – finished the season 12 wins 3 losses & 1 tie – having defeated the teams they lost to and tied.

Seven Seniors

We have watched – traveled all over the East Coast – stayed in hotels – packed food – eaten out – made friends with other parents and grand parents – for over eight years.


And sadly – it is about to come to a end – well – almost – as Ella will be playing the next two years !

Maddy – who is district all conference – will attend the University of Lynchburg Va. on a letter of intent – starting this Summer as all incoming Freshmen report for a week of camp for Soccer.

Debby and Mike being escorted onto the field by Ella.

Now – the district playoffs begin – James Wood is the number two seed – it was a four way race – the tie kept them out of first place – as that team ended up in first with one more win.

Debby – Maddy – Mike

Very proud on what she has accomplished – as a Freshman – she started Varsity – she also opted on her own – to move from the Winchester travel team – to Loudoun County soccer travel – the RED TEAM – D.C. area – higher competition – traveling the entire East Coast for weekend tournaments – driving 60 miles each way three times a week for practice – ( her mother Freshman – Sophomore and Junior years driving ) winning the ESPN tournament if Orlando Fla. when she was a junior.

All the while maintaining a 4 . 10 GPA – taking college courses – very – very proud of this young lady.

She selected the college from a list of 4 or 5 – and is now ready to move on – with a lot of emotional tears from her parents.


It will be different next year as number NINE moves on – to be filled by number TEN as Ella moves up.

A host of records were set this year by the team – and Maddy and Katie P ( # 13 ) – who have played together for over 10 years – she is attending DeSales University in Pa. – with Maddy playing Midfielder and Katie forward – Katie broke the school record in scoring 74 goals and assists. They play so well together.

Maddy shot on goal.

Soon – graduation is right around the corner – but first there are the State playoffs. I do not know how far they will go – but I do know how far they have come – from little girls playing co-ed – to grown ladies – playing the best competition they could on the East coast.

Maddy taking a header in the middle toward the goal

So today we move on – Friday is the playoff game – hoping they place to move on for states – our little grand daughter all grown up.

Sherry – Maddy – Tom

The next step- University of Lynchburg HORNETS – going to be some awesome road trips !

I hope you enjoy my tribute to one we have loved for 18 years –

one who I remember picking up from the babysitter –

and her saying from the back seat –


Yes we will little one – yes we will !

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The Bear and the Fox. Existing to live – live to Exist.


In the early years of us being in Northern Va. , a couple of things happened. First , Tammy followed us down. Then a year later Mike and Debby and our new baby grand-daughter , Madison Margo Myers , known to us as Maddy , joined us.

I often thought if I were to open a bed and breakfast or a Cafe – I would give it the name of “THE BEAR AND THE FOX!” Why, I don’t know except that it sounded cool and I could envision a picture of a Bear and a Fox having dinner together at a table with some wine!

Now I see the picture of Maddy & her Father , our little Fox being carried by her father , The Bear of the woods, as he loves to hike the Northern woods of New York State. kinda out there in left field , but that is how I see it!

Teaching the ways of life to their children and bringing in the Health & Nutrition – showing how you EXIST TO LIVE  &  LIVE TO EXIST – always molding a way to blend their lives into harmony with nature.

The Bear and the Fox. A little girl and her father – hiking into their lives of Existing to live – Live to Exist.