Papa’s World – Fun – Sun – Surf – OCEAN ISLE BEACH!

Welcome to our little piece of paradise – ten minutes away – OIB, N.C. The pier and beach access.

We live on the mainland side with the ICW between us and the beach – between four and five miles away.

We selected the Cameron Woods Community because it gave us access to the beach but in a – NO flood zone.

The causeway bridge over the ICW – we have boated down underneath this bridge and on the mainland, side is where we have two

grocery stores – and additional shopping, and a small airport.

Starting in May and ending in September – we have outdoor free concerts in the park on OIB right across from Pelican Perch bar and grill and miniature golf and the Aquarium.

You can take in drinks but they have to be in plastic cups!

The bands are top rate and usually, 3 to 4 hundred people show up – many are locals and the rest are renters of the vacation homes.

Sunsets and sunrises can be seen from the beach and shoreline.

Sipping a cocktail on the beach – sun – surf – and sand – warm waters and lots of things to do.

The East end of the island with the new Terminal Groin – placed here to stop erosion – in the upper right corner – since this was constructed – a lagoon – tidal pool forms at low tide and is a great place for families with kids as it is only one to two feet deep and is huge.

You can take rafts and float around in there and the water in summer is warm

Thanks for reading PAPA’S WORLD – FUN – SUN – SURF – OCEAN ISLE BEACH, N.C.

PAPA’S WORLD – living our dream – OIB, N.C.

Papa’s World – free open air concerts at he community park on Ocean Isle Beach – N.C.

In our second attempt to come here on a Friday night – we made it!

A couple weeks ago after we moved in – we tried to come down to the beach – a band we knew was playing –

but there was a line to cross the causeway and started a half mile before the traffic circle.

We learned that next time we would come earlier – and we did – and had no wait – we drove right in and parked.

This venue is free and runs from Memorial Day right through a couple weeks in September.

All top notch bands – and it is a bring your own food and drink –

no glass containers – and most people have plastic cups.

Lawn chairs – just sit down where you want –

and they do have pop corn – water and soda’s for sale.

Bathrooms are here and this is located right at the traffic circle – across the road from the beach.

The band “CAROLINA BREAKERS” six members plus their road crew.

A friend of ours who lives back in Lancaster Pa. –

told me she grew up in a community with one of the band members and knew him quite well!

It is indeed a small world!

We stayed for over a hour –

and then drove the 4 miles back to Cameron Woods.

This community park sits right across from the bar and grill – “PELICAN PERCH” and the MINI GOLF!

The pier is but a short walk across the intersection –

and there was plenty of parking.

By the time we left –

I would say 3 to 400 people were scattered around.

I think a lot of them were locals

but also from beach rentals.

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