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Debby Ella Mike Papa Sherry Sarah Maddy

On our way back home to NVA – we stopped in Lynchburg to watch Maddy –

Our oldest granddaughter – play soccer!

She starts as a Sophomore – and plays for the University of Lynchburg.

One thing she wanted to do – to get out in the fresh air and hike with her family!

Which we did on this paved trail that runs along the river in Lynchburg Va.

Gerhard and Jennie

One of our very first visitors after we moved to Ocean Keyes in North Myrtle Beach –

was the father and mother of our son in law – Marcus.

They came down and spent four days with us – playing cards – walking the beach –

and introducing us to a new game called RUMMIKUBE!

We have always gotten along with them and every Sunday – sat beside them in the pew!

A short visit – Sherry Sarah Debby – came to visit – Mike could not be here – Maddy was in college.

Debby and the two granddaughters came for a short visit –

and we took them hiking – which they love to do – at Vareens memorial Garden.

Walking along the ICW and over the marsh.

They will be back as we took them also to the new house build!

Carol and Mike – our close neighbors back in WNY for 12 1/2 years!

Mike and Carol – we lived next door to them – invited us and our friends – we have all been friends for years-

to their lake house in WNY -Lake Chatauqua – for a long weekend of riding the lake in their beautiful boat!

They have extended another invitation for this August – the same group – for four days!

They own a business that sends crews to do commercial painting all over the East Coast

and this year are expanding to the mid west.

Mike – started this when he was very young — and what a company he has turned it into!

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Cindy Papa Sherry Carol

On the lake in Mike and Carols boat!

All eight of us fit very comfortable – we spent three days cruising the lake for hours at a time!

All eight of us have been friends for years and years!







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Papa’s World – Taxes are being done – my job is making dinner – eating healthy – yes my lady.

Today – I am making dinner while my wife does our taxes – I have the easy part!

Eating healthy has become a way of life for us going on almost 16 years!

In that time I have learned how to BAKE rather than fry!

I have learned low carbs – no gluten – low sugars – and GMO’s.

I have learned to lead by example – children watch and copy!

My life is far different than all those years gone by.


The dinner I made – baked salmon – greens – one sliced egg – veggies – a little fruit and no dressing!

I have learned over these past 15 plus years.

I take it very seriously!

Well – you must also smile! Great for your mental health!

Living each day – I have to stay away from sugars as I am borderline diabetic.

I watch carbs more so that calories – carbs put the weight on me and turn to sugars.

We grow our own produce with no pesticides – knowing exactly what we are eating.
We make healthy meals and deserts out of fruits – veggies and berries.

We purchase from this company what we eat for health reasons.

Have been doing this for almost 16 years!

And – the taste – for me – is excellent.

Life is hard – food – not healthy food – is everywhere!

Commercial after commercial – radio or TV – is constant.

Billboards – advertisements – packaging!

Everywhere you look or hear is processed food.

Berries (purple) omega’s (orange) fruits (red) Veggies ( green) are my medicine cabinet.
Concentrated whole food – powdered – nutrient dense – encapsulated every day!
Yes – I baked dinner – I use no salt – no dressing – I do use onion flakes – pepper and a low sodium seasoning.

And when not doing our taxes – she makes healthy treats!

A shake a day seems to keep my doctor away!

Our lives changed almost 16 years ago – she became a CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH –

through the known children’s doctor – Dr. William Sears – author of 40 children’s books.

Health has become our lives.

Making healthy choices one day at a time.

Instead of candy and sweets – I chew on these – Gummy’s – fruit – vegetable and berries. Satisfies my urge to eat sweets!

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For my brain – omega’s – food for my mind and memory.

Yes – today she did taxes – today I baked dinner – together we live a healthy and balanced life.






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TEAM GENERATIONS: Helping one child a day to eat healthy with fruits – veggies and berries.

Papa’s World – Living healthy – family running for Cancer

We just returned from picking up the packets for Saturdays run for Cancer!

Since I do not run ( I WALK ) – I am in charge of the little ones until my wife – son in law and daughter finish their run – FIVE K !

But as soon as they are done – then it is the little ones turn to flash their own styles ! They will run the kids mile.

The two oldest are twin girls – both eight years old – and the little one is four years old ! ( you would swear he and one of the twins are twins )

He is a runner jogging with his mother and MORMOR ( my wife) – which is Swedish for MOTHERS MOTHER !!!!

They have gone on 2 1/2 mile jogs and he is there step by step with them ! The parents bring them up in the healthy life style promoted by MORMOR !

She is a certified health coach and is the main reason 13 years ago – we as a family – other daughter – husband and three kids – turned away from the process food – the fast food – soda’s – and as much as possible – gluten – dairy and sweets !

LIVING LIFE TO THE PLUS as I call it ! Anyway – tomorrow – at 8 am. I am ON DUTY so to speak – and cheering everyone on . I have done this numerous times when they ( adults) ran the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in D.C.

I wish I could run but the last couple times I ended up with injury – my wife says I am a very HARD RUNNER as in THUD THUD PLOP PLOP !

Which causes a lot of stress on joints and leg issues !

So I walk for one hour each day -usually 3.10 miles at a steady but doable pace – WORKS FOR ME and my wife chooses to walk with me !

Which is awesome ! Our lifestyle changed along with members of our family – and this all is because of my wife which we both will reach a major milestone in a few months – 70 YEARS OLD !

I hope you enjoy my blog – I have written for years and years on face book daily – about myself- family and friends.

I wrote for two other blogs but my computer crashed and I lost everything only to a few days ago – by accident – finding this my second blog site from 2014 !

I enjoy reading about my followers and am trying to figure out all the in’s and out’s – trying to become followers of anyone who follows me.

With all this being said – enjoy – read – follow – comment – If I can find it I will answer !

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