Papas World – Good thoughts – give – pray – the World turns.

In this time – Day#58 of Sheltering –

The World turns regardless –

Try not to read the bad news – or listen to the negative

Give of yourself – food to the hungry – clothes to the poor.

Even though you see and hear all things –

filter them out – for it is up to you and me

To make this a better place.

In our time of silence – in our time of isolation –

Think how the normal is now the abnormal

and how to bring the sanity back into our lives’

The World turns regardless –

Put your faith into whatever you believe in

and make it a better place.

Positive thoughts – positive well being – positive actions

The news is full of the negative – channel it out

there are good things out there

We are humanity –

Give of yourself – help less fortunate –

Those in need – those that are hungry

donate time – collect food – and help deliver it.

Laughter – zooming – tic – tock – video – messaging

stay in touch – drive by honk your horn

Sunday streamed service

walk – ride a bike – say hello from a distance

Faith – hope -charity – love and kindness.

Sheltering Day# 58

The little ones depend on us –

“Now I lay myself down to sleep “-

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

“Pray to the Lord my soul to keep”


Papa & Bode


Papa's World -a little bit of music – and some soul!

We were invited to attend a concert after church

in Haines City Florida by our friends

Karen and Lars – who are from Sherry’s home town

in Mount Jewett Pa. !

Tom And Sherry
Papa and MorMor

We had no idea what it would be or what to expect

There were six men – all from different area’s

of the country – and they sang Gospel

in harmony – some songs without music!

This was a first for me

We were right up front and they were wonderful

their voices ranged

and the harmony was perfect

I believe they were called Oasis

and had been singing separately all their lives

most were retired

and had sung professional

in major venue all over the country.

They came together because of their beliefs

in Church and God.

We knew not what to expect
but what we got was refreshing

Our afternoon turned into something special

making more memories to share

making our lives that much richer!

Today we learned
today we felt
and today we came to be much richer
in our lives

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


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