Papa’s World – Walking the neighborhood – SPOOKY !


When we walk – we can take different paths –

some go through our neighbor hoods

And we love those special times of the year

when people tend to decorate !

for health

Time now is for GHOSTS – GOBLIN’S – WITCHES


The whole works
with a grave yard !

People really get into decorating for all seasons

in our very diverse neighborhoods.

Even Darth Vadar

There are many different types of decorations


There is a lot of effort that goes into some of these !

And of course
from all our childhood or early years
And then the
really artistic ones
that require imagination
and ability to pull
it all together
My Neighbor Peter
and family
from Serbia

Peter is a giant of a man –

bearded and 6’6

Wife – daughter and son

Always friendly

Lilly – his daughter –

takes care of our flowers

and Tower Gardens

while we are away !

As we walk in the early morning

it is easy to fantasize walking in the dark

only the street lights on from corner to corner

A fog swirling among the trees

and a sign pointing to RIP ROAD –

What awaits you here ?
It is also a time
of pumpkin spice coffee
pumpkin deserts
and lots of

Sherry bought two large bags of Candy

We had over 200 kids last year

and had to shut down early

as we ran out of Candy !

And Monsters

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Hanging around
just waiting for you
A Ghost
waiting by the sidewalk
Trick or Treat’s

Now even though we live in a residential neighborhood

Early in the morning when it is dark

when I go outside to pickup the paper

I have seen Turkey’s – Foxes – Deer ( last week two large Bucks)

And – two blocks away

A Black bear was captured on a home security system

walking across the yard and driveway !!!!!


for business
health and nutrition
for info

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Papa’s World

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Papa’s World – another chapter on being homeless


You look out the window – and there they are – 50 to 100 strong!

“GET OUT OF MY YARD” he shouts!

And out the door he runs!

They can wreck havoc on your yard! Leave nasty deposits –

so when walking in shoes or bare feet

you can feel it as you step on it!

Carol and Mike

We moved in almost 34 or 35 years ago –

right behind them at our old home in WNY!

We were neighbors for 12 or 13 years!

Sherry and Mike

We shared many moments of laughter –

racing riding lawn mowers –

playing friendly jokes on each other –

and me trying to compete with his beautiful lawn!

Sherry driving Mike’s boat

He has his own business – starting by himself

and today his crews go nationwide!

Carol now works with him after retiring from the college scene!

Together with their son – they have built this business

into a first class operation.

They purchased this home a year ago and then the boat.

We have all gotten together at various times –

but this is the first time in WNY at the lake house.

And it is beautiful!

Long dock leads to the flags and then the house.

Friends all these years – jokes – laughing –

he will never retire –

he loves what he has started and adding to all the time.

Just like his lawn all those years ago –

not one blade of grass – out of place – no weeds –

green – manicured to perfection.


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Papas World -when I was young – growing up Eldred

My childhood was spent in the early years

on the side yard – backyard

and some close neighborhood yards.

There were Four apple trees

spaced out in those yards.

Two were crab apples

And two the most tasty Yellow Apples!


The crab apples were good for throwing –

many a train box car I pitched them at.

But those Yellow apples –

Just to sit down and eat – and gather for my Mom

to make one of her apple pies!

There were honey bees all over the ones on the ground.

And both trees stood side by side in a neighbors yard.

Behind old Mr. Dennings house ( might have been Dennis)

And the other in the Winsor’s back yard.

We played kick the can in those backyards –

four plus yards in total.

This was on North main street in Eldred Pa.

The railroad track bordered the one side-

The other side had the houses then the sidewalk and the main street!

We played early morning to dusk –

we had a lot of kids from North Main Street.

Both sides of the street.

Anyone time there would be 7 to 15 kids.

Both boys and girls.

We had a two story farm barn in our back yard.

My brother and his friends made a basketball court upstairs.

Just one basket – or might have been two?

But it had wood planks for the floor.

My dad has fish heads nailed to the front

from all the Pike and Walleye he caught in Canada.

We ran about all the time

I really do not remember anyone watching us like we do today with kids.

We hit the house to eat and then we were outside.

Winter and Summer.

I can remembering gathering corn silk

and putting it into a pipe

There was a window on that second floor of that old barn

And I would try to light it – it was not dry! LOL

Once I got my bike
then I was at the park all day!

I never realy got into smoking until I was maybe 22!

And then – I did not inhale!

It was a staus thing I think –

The guys I worked second shift with smoked and chewed!

I only would smoke at work and a little bit at home.

And a pack would last me a couple days!

I quit when we got married – I think I was 32!

I would walk those tracks downtown and to the swinging bridge.

It was on the other side of the tracks just beyond

The Whitehawk Beef Company’

It spanned a small creek – Barden Brook – that flowed into the river.

It was held up by steel cables

and we would get on it and start jumping up and down

It would bounce and then you sort of caused it to sway

back and forth.

Hence we called it the Swinging Bridge.

This is but a short part of my childhood

one I think back to.

One that has a lot of great memories and people.

Sherry and Tom

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