Papa’s World – Lunch at a historic eatery in Edenton,N.C.

View from the window in the Herring Canning and Packing factory in Edenton, N.C. right on the waterfront!

Completley renovated with pictures on the wall depicting the operation of the canning and fishing procedures.

Jim – Paul – Dottie – Janet – Sherry in one of the dining areas remodeled over from the Herring factory.

We drove here because Jim and Dottie’s lot was only a few miles away and this is the historic district of Edenton –

and just a stone’s throw away from the bay and a raised light-house.

The meal was very good – had hamburger and fries – drinks were good and they had flights of beer which Dottie and Sherry shared.

Flight of beer served on an old piece of driftwood and all the light fixtures hang from the ceiling in pieces of driftwood.

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Good friends having lunch at Historic Eatery in Edenton, N.C. Good times – on the bay in Edenton.

Papa’s World – building a dream near Edenton – golf course and bay.

Our friends of years and years – bought this lot just outside Edenton, N.C. – at the far end is a canal and access to the bay.

On the far side of the bay – is the Outer Banks. The canal is 800 feet straight back.

Looking across the bay to the Outer Banks – this view is less than a half mile to their lot.

A dream coming true in a little over 1 1/2 years when Dottie retires and construction begins on their dream home.

Right across from their lot sits the number two hole – a par three! I see lots of sitting on the front porch watching the golfers trying to hit the green!

View back up the road to their building lot from the yard at the clubhouse – golfing with a view and boat access to the bay!

Dottie gazing out over the bay to the Outer Banks – her dream coming true – I envision walks here with chairs in the early evening!

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Papa’s World – New home – the build begins – living our dreams.

As the day begins at the condo – the build of our new home begins some six-teen miles away – in Cameron Woods at Ocean Isle Beach – N.C. We searched and searched – but all in vain as the cost to buy was equal or more than to build what we wanted!

Our view here I shall always remember – in all we will be here for nine months!

I captured this shot as a flock of geese were coming right at me before

rising up over the lanai and roof.

We decided to build – that way we would have everything we wanted

A single story – no stairs – covered front porch – screened in covered lanai.

Close to the beach ( four miles) in the country!

Close to golfing ( over 20 courses near by)

And with in 6 1/2 hours to travel back home

or family to travel here!

Materials for the new home – ground is ready – all utilities in and inspected – waiting for pour of concrete!
Forms and moisture barrier
Some view in one direction of neighborhood – I think in total maybe fifty homes will be here.
When done – a two car garage with pull down stairs and finished storage overhead.

We will have around 1900 sf. of heated space –

in addition to a 140 sf covered and screened in lanai

and a open 10 x 14 concrete patio.

There will be a covered front porch

and views of the neighborhood.

The back will be woods with no one building there

as it will be a conservation area.

We will be four miles to Ocean Isle Beach and six miles to Sunset Beach

A thirty minute drive back to North Myrtle Beach

and a fifthteen minute drive to Calabash

and a fifthteen minute drive to Shallotte.

All this in the middle of some twenty golf courses we will be playing!

The concrete is poured – and rain is now slowing up everything!

But – all the inspections have been completed

and our contractor calls us every Monday to give updates

and answer any questions!

The forms are out – concrete is in – framing will be next!
View of the garage and the woods behind the new build.

We drive over every Sunday – no one is working!

That way – if it is not raining – we can get out and look it over!

This will be our third house together building.

All three were unique and we have input on all of them.

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Papa’sorld – While snow – ice and cold hit the East Coast – this is our Winter day!

Blue skies – green – sunshine and a cover on our Tower Garden.

Yes – it was chilly – 30 degrees – frost – and a little wind – but no ice – snow and frigid cold!

I can bundle up and have no fear of slipping on ice – no snow shovel.

No scraping ice off of car – yes – it got cold – but not what they had all up and down the East Coast.

Green still here in the trees in the back yard – bird feeder and three Oleander bushes waiting for Spring.

Our family all had the snow and ice – back home in NVA.

We still were able to go out and about – what I love about being here – the SUNSHINE!

Most days are like this – blue skies and Sun.

And we can golf – as long as it is not windy!
Early morning frost – sunshine and blue skies.

Living on the borders of N.C. and S.C. – never thought we would end up here – is just warm enough

in the Winter to make it bearable for me – and yes – it gets hot in the summer –

but I much prefer that to ice and snow in the Spring and Fall back in NVA and WNY!

Winter marsh – clouds – sunshine

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