Papas World – Sheltering Day#51 – yard work – planting

Finally – it would be warm all day – mid ’70’s – bright sunshine

Time to get outside after all the rain and cold days!

Even though we have had to stay inside from our walks

The rain has left the lawn thick and lush!

I have now mowed at least a half dozen times – seems like every 4 days

except when it rains and then I sneak it in between showers!

The side yard has really filled in – that has been my problem area

I also started two years ago – putting lime pellets down

in the fall time!

One of the outdoor Tower Gardens – the other is in the enclosed patio

It has been cold at night – high 30’s to mid 40’s –

yet with all the rain and peaks of sunshine – it is growing!

We decided this year LESS IS MORE in planting flowers!

99 % of the greens you see – flower and come up each year

except the green bushes !

So we decided to POT this year with flowers

with three or four in the flower beds

and the rest in the enclosed patio.

It takes me 60 minutes with a push lawn mower

trimming included and weed whacker

to mow the lawn

a few people tell me they no longer do this

but I enjoy it !

It is a form of exercise for me – almost 5000 steps!

And I get the feeling of something I have created

and see the results of all that I have planted in the 14 years!

All of this I have planted by hand and cultivated.

I only wish this bush would look like this all summer

but – after it blooms it loses it petals

and new leaves are formed along with getting larger.

The grass is so soft and spongy like

almost as if you are walking on a carpet.

I have a lawn company called Bio-Turf

for four years now –

and they do a terrific job.

Six different times they come to the house each year

and do all the spreading – plugging – and seeding and lime spreading


The pot to the right is all MINT
and you can smell it as you walk up the bank
the enclosed brick area is my strawberries
and last year and this year my Potato’s

Our first rose of the year – with many more to come

they will bloom – go away and later in the summer bloom again

The three Swedish horses that Maddy – Ella and Sarah made for us

laying in the bed.

And – with the same theme – one potted planter

everything else comes up each year.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

I hope you enjoyed my little tour of the yard

I hope to do the same tour of the enclosed patio.



Papas World – with trees comes shade and “LEAVES”

We have beautiful trees- three Red maples

and one I do not know what it is!

They provide lots of shade along the side

and in front of the house.

We also have three evergreen trees-

one large pine and three crepe myrtles!


The Sunrise
and all those trees alongside the house

So – we decided to blow them into a pile along the sidewalk.

And then we would pick them up and stuff into bags.

It was chilly – around 38 degrees – but the Sun was out –

blue skies – white puffy clouds –

a good day to rake and stuff!

Here I am with my stocking hat on
stuffing leaves into the paper bags

I had my blower and pushed the leaves onto the sidewalk

Note: This same sidewalk we have to shovel snow when we have it!

It runs in front of the house and along side about 150 feet!

Did I tell you I really do not like snow and ice! LOL

Plus no cold – snow or ice please!

It took us about one hour and we filled up SIX stuffed bags!

I had already done THREE bags a week ago!

Stuffed – ready to set out
on Tuesday
that is the day
they pick up lawn waste

The yard was green once again –

I had mowed the second leaf fall early last week

I do this to mulch them up and put nutrients

back into the ground!

It is all part of living
in a four season’s
part of the country

Now – to the present – Christmas lights are up

All three trees are decorated

All the mangers set up and the little lighted churches placed

The inside decorations are done

the storage tubs back in place in the garage

And for twenty four hours it rained!

I went out front to gather up the paper

and there it was –


The rain had brought down more leaves!

Sherry – Certified Health Coach
( looking great at 70! )

Thank you for reading Papa’s World – where friends meet the family.

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The leaves are all wet from the rain –

There are still leaves( about 20 % ) on the trees.

We will have to wait to blow them but I also am thinking

I will once again mow and mulch them!

I am not a TECHIE

We still have time – being retired – you have choices

Bundle up – go outside

mow or rake or gather

or just stay in – turn the fireplace on

turn on the lights on the trees ( NO LEAVES THERE)

grab a book and just relax

That is what I call


Thank you for reading!

With trees comes shade and “LEAVES”!