Papa’s World – Union Station-Peaceful protests – White House

We ended our day in Congress – where we had to be searched –

pockets emptied – no phone for pictures

The whole Congress was rude.

We settled in for about 45 minutes – and there was to be a vote –

But – NO ONE on the floor paid any attention –

they were divided on the right side and the left side –

The entire congress did nothing but talk –

So loud we – in the balcony – could not hear what they were saying

on the loud speakers!

The Capital
where nothing gets done
and no one listens

I was disgusted at the whole thing and how they all acted.

All we could do was watch the electronic board to see the total of the votes.

Paul Jo Sherry
walking to Union Station
Sherry Jo Paul
waiting to cross the street
to Union Station
Paul Jo Sherry
inside Union Station

We toured Union Station and had lunch – then boarded the Metro there

and got off at the Smithstonian in the Mall.

Paul on the Mall
Jo Paul and Sherry
on the Mall
The Capital
view from the Mall
Paul Jo Sherry
on our way
to the White House

We left the Mall behind and walked to the front of the White House

We had covered a lot that day

and decided to see the front and the back

But on our way we came across a very peaceful protest

in front of the EPA building

They were not yelling – they were respectful when we talked to them

outside the EPA

Now – I can not understand why anyone would be against clean air

Withe clean air comes better gas mileage

The back of the White House
More peaceful protest
This one has been there
for the entire time we have
been in NVA

The one who was here first passed away several years ago

they have kept it here as each election

brings new Government

as a way to keep the power in the people

and a eye on what is going on.

Both Democrats and Republicans have seen this protest.

Walking the blocks long way around the White House
Paul Sherry Jo
At the front of the White House
When we first came here 20 years ago
you could get a lot closer
Sherry and Jo
Sherry and Jo
We continued walking
back to the Metro
Our own Peaceful
non violent protest

We had walked almost all DC with Jo and Paul

We covered everything plus on their list !

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One last bench to rest
Tom Paul Jo
Sherry – helping a family take a group photo
Certified Health Coach
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Papa’s World – On the way – we took in DC.


This day we were on our way for a appointment at 10:30 AM.

To tour the Capital building and see a session of Congress !

However – little did we know – that we would get caught in TRAFFIC !

What should of been a 30 minute drive with traffic to the Metro

turned into one and one half hours !

Only to find all parking garages were full as were the next two stations!

We then made our way thru more traffic nightmare

To the Tyson’s Corner Mall where we parked and took the Metro.

We had to call and see if we could reschedule the appointment –

And the moved it to 12:30 PM.

Jo Paul Sherry
coffee tea and rest after a three hour trip
by car and rail
which normally takes
45 minutes !

We stopped on our walk to the Capital to rest up and have a beverage !

Jo and Sherry
after a beverage
we were on our way
to the capital
taking in the sights!

Passing many historical buildings and and reading the quotations –

Jo Paul Sherry
our 12:30 appointment
1/2 hour away
Paul Jo Sherry
our final rest before
before we find the
entrance to the congressional
building where our
appointment is !

Just around the corner from the capital !

JO and Paul
In the halls of congress
Jo Paul and Sherry
Signing in on the register
to go inside the congress woman’s
office – to begin our Capital Tour

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Congress woman Kilpatrick’s Office
Jo & Paul’s
state Of AZ.

Thank you Paul for making the arrangements for our visit.

Something Sherry and I have thought about –

but never did in all our years in NVA !


We begin the tour in the next blog –

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Papa’s World – The other side Reston’s hidden gem.

” Do you want to go to the farmers market ” ? she asked.

A farmers booth

Farmers booth

” Of course” I said – “where are we going” ?

“I will drive” she said.

That means – where ever it is –

it is easier for her to drive than tell me how to get there !!!!!

The Original Reston – “NEW TOWN ” Lake Anne Village

Today – it sits quietly hidden –

across the highway

from what is known as ” RESTON” town center.

A conglomerate of high rise office buildings – hotels – stores –

Huge parking garages

and what is now the last stop on the Silver Line Metro


Lake Anne and the planned community- a large condo unit

It was one of the first PLANNED COMMUNITY

in the Country –

And it reminds me of the housing


Today – it is listed as a HISTORICAL SIGHT –

the entire town and surroundings

then- 1961 – it was planned as a area where you worked – lived and played !

Houses with shops below them

You buy a “HOUSE ” and along with it –

a retail space on the first floor !

The houses are two to four bedrooms –

the retail space you either lease out –

Or run your own business !

And – in the middle of all this a Lake

and down the street

a 18 hole golf course.

This concept was way beyond it’s time !

View of the square from one of the stores

The lake also has numerous homes –

all listed in the millions –

with their own docks and for the most part House boats !


The lake with paddle boats – kayaks to rent

You can rent paddle boats – kayaks – or just walk the miles of trails.

Architecture of the ’60 ‘s
You can see the housing with the store fronts under them.
One listed for $900,000.00
Part of the bricked streets
Lake Anne – tranquil – stand up paddle boats
Sherry and Ginger along the board walk of Lake Anne
Sherry with the statue of the creator of Lake Anne New Town

It is hard to believe that when you are at Reston Town Center –

That right across the street this all exists –

as it is surrounded by huge old growth trees –

and you can not see any of it !

Yet – it remains – a testament to a dream of planning –

Today – I share this with you –

it has been years since I have been here.

We almost always go to the CITY OF RESTON –

We catch the Metro there.

But just beyond the trees –

a Historical little village looms –

And on Saturdays –


They come from Maryland – Penna. and Va. – West Va.

set up their booths

and the quaint becomes bustling –

yet it remains quiet as NO CARS are allowed on it’s streets –

but you can walk – rent a boat or just sit and relax –

Tom – Sherry and Robert E. Simon Jr.
Founder and planner

Or lean in and kiss the one you love –


Hope you enjoyed –

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