Papas World – in the South – a Christmas Parade

We had traveled to Raleigh N.C. to see Sherry’s sister.

On that Saturday – we went into Raleigh early

11-23-19 parade started at 9:15 am.

to find a parking spot

and meet up with her daughter – husband and two grand kids.

Tom and Sherry
in downtown Raleigh
waiting for the parade
to start

This happened to be the 75th. year of this parade

a parade that was scheduled to go for 2 1/2 hours!

But – rain was predicted

we hoped we would see it all!

The first marching band was from

The University of North Carolina State

North Carolina State marching band
I am guessing some where
around 5 or 6 hundred
in the band
They kept coming
and performed just past us
The end of North Carolina State marching band

We managed to see all kinds of units

clowns – horses – cars – trucks – drill teams

But the marching bands kept coming

And they almost all were High School and huge

One after another

The uniforms were just fantastic

and most seem to be from this area

We got to see them all perform just past our spot
Our niece Kristy – daughters and husband Casey
along with Sherry’s sister Debbie

The rain held off – there were floats – Queens and courts

both local and state.

Band after band
It started to sprinkle

Gingerbread – followed by a band – preceded by a band

They were running with the shark
and would run toward the crowd
on either side of the street
and at the last moment
turn away
the kids loved it!
There were about a dozen trucks like this
Star Wars
20 to 30 people
dressed up
like all Star Wars people
Many Ethnic groups marched
The many different Queens

It was here that it started to rain harder

we had watched for two hours

a dozen or two of marching bands

We started gathering up our chairs

covering our heads

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

The legion for Star Wars

We stayed as long as we could

I felt sorry for the remainder of the parade

as I looked up the street – there was no end in sight

we had seen in two hours so much it is hard to explain

or to remember.

watching the marching bands
Put this parade on your bucket list
It was not on mine
but I want to return
it was that good!

Thank you

Papa’s World


The Christmas parade – RALEIGH NORTH CAROLINA

Papa’s World – Surprised – watching a marching band

It started out watching my grand daughter in her first cheer leading !

But – as I watched – I could not help but notice

The Marching Band – Drill Team and Color Guard –

It was very large considering it was a High School band.

I looked at my hand out of the team details

and found that the Marching Band had 243 members !

Now that I thought was what you would most likely see

at a College football game – not High School

Plus – all the equipment that was on the track later to be set up

I took pictures starting from the center
and then a left center
and a right center

A tractor was used to tow part of the equipment out –

There were platforms

one that had stairs and microphones set up at the top

a small platform was seen in this picture

And there were THREE DRUM MAJORS

each with a platform

two small ones right and left

and a high one in the center

where they directed the entire field!

Left Center –
One drum major to the left
and higher up
the Center Drum Major

The music flowed – the drum corp and horn section

all the while the drill team and color guard performed.

During the performance

each member set their hat on the field

all lined up in formation

off to the side

I found that to be quite effective

Right center
with the drum major
directing that side

I do not know the correct name for the instruments in front of the platform

But there were four of them

and microphones set up

and band members with horns and flutes

would climb the stairs and play from up high.

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The whole performance
was to the music
and I thought performed
really well

The announcement came – they had performed in competition

and each time – FIRST PLACE –

They were going to compete at JMU this weekend

competing against 50 bands from across the Country.

The Briar Woods
marching band
color guard
drill team
Brambleton Va.

Thank you

It was a unexpected viewing

one that I knew little about

Amazed that so many students

participated in all the activities that night

Football team 86

Marching band 243

cheerleaders 30

student section Full

whole experience Priceless

Tom & Sherry