Papa’s World – Grandkids list – busy times!

No need for this with these three – they are always busy!

When they are home – it is outside they go – playing with friends – riding bikes!

So – before they came to visit for twelve days – we asked them to think about what they wanted to do!

And they came up with a list for each one to do and day by day we crossed those items off –

somedays more than one!

Beach days were our sort of down days – and usually in afternoons – here we are in a tidal pool on OIB – the water was warm and they loved it!

I still can not believe we did all of this – each day we added and crossed off – one by one.

And yes – by the end we were exhausted – but it was a good feeling and now –

They are gone and I wish they were back.

The grandkids – Taylor – Cassidy and Bode – “PAPA – WHAT ARE WE DOING NEXT”?

Papa’s World – Downtime with the grandkids and their own sleeping spaces!

The little ones are like this!

We had them all to ourselves for twelve days! It was a busy time with a list that we completed!

And downtime scheduled in for time to relax!

One of our many things on the list – Is a boardwalk on the Beach.
Downtime scheduled – Bode on the couch.

We had to have downtime – for us and for them! LOL!

We planned events every day – and played during beach time –

But also crafts that all three did!

All three are talented!

A multitude of crafts they completed!
Each had its own space for sleeping – here is the pull-out single bed in our bedroom for Bode!

Cassidy had her own room – everything had its place!
Taylor loved her own pull-out Queen bed in the sunroom!

In her downtime – this was her go-to – headphones and reading her books or watching movies.

They had their own creative space to do whatever they wanted for a couple hours!

Each in their own way is an artist and creates excellent crafts.

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Painted rocks are now part of our front flower bed from each of them!