Papa’s World – we got a letter from Bode – “I love you Papa and Mor Mor”!

Bode – around three years old

The letter was in the mail – it was from our son in law

We knew it was coming – he was forwarding some mail to us.

But – inside was a surprise – a letter from our six year old grand son BODE!

He started virtual kindergarten from home this year!

Because of how his birthday falls – his parents held him back .

Instead of being the youngest in his class – he now is the oldest.

The letter above is something I cherish – when we stayed with them

after we sold our house – every morning before 6 am.

Down the stairs he would come to their finished basement.

We had a bedroom – bathroom – living room – storage room and another living room!

He would climb up on my lap as I wrote my blog.

Papa – what are you writing about today? He would ask!

This was everyday – he would spend time with me – before he headed upstairs.

On the back of the letter – he drew a picture – a Su bmarine! LOL

He calls us both – using a type of zoom message system.

He tells us what he has been doing – or showing his latest toy.

The night before we moved to S.C – we had a fun night out with the family.

This week – the week of 2-15-21 – as I write this blog ahead of time to post later

For the first time – he will get on the bus by himself – and go to school.

He needed it – as learning from home is just not for him.

So – for two days a week – he goes to school – the other three is virtual.

His sisters are doing all virtual as they love it and are doing good.

His mother’s post on face book.

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Papa’s World – Letter of Intent – going to college

Sherry – Maddy – and Papa . 2019 – April

The years went by so quickly – fourteen to be exact. When she was four – she started playing soccer. It was at that time – the ball seemed to be almost as big as she was !

Our Grand daughter – Madison ( Maddy ) last week signed her letter of intent to play college soccer at the University Of Lynchburg in central Va.

We took the 60 mile journey to Winchester Va. to James Wood H.S. where she is in her last year – for a celebration by the school – and the other part of this story is that her friend and playmate for the last fourteen years – ” Katie P ” also signed her letter of intent to play at the University DeSales in Pa. !

They both had played as four year old’s all the way through H.S. including travel teams in Winchester and the last three years traveling 65 miles one way – three times a week for practice with the Loudoun County Red team.

Maddy has had this goal in mind for a very long time and with all this she still has maintained a 4 . 10 GPA ! Katie also has done the same.

Her college team is going to be a three hour drive for us – which in my mind is ” ROAD TRIP ” something we both enjoy.

Very proud of the young lady she has become – from being the smallest on the field to a strong midfielder who has become defined by her coaches as the ” FULL PACKAGE ” , everything comes through her on the field.

And as you can see – she has grown into the part – taking after my wife who with Swedish heritage – is 5 ‘ 9″-

Maddy certainly has those genes. Another day in PAPA’S WORLD – living healthy and life to the plus !

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