Papa’s World – on the beach Jennie and Gerhard

Papa Gerhard Jennie

Our son in laws parents came to visit us!

And – they love the beach – well Jennie does! LOL

First they saw the breaking of day from the lanai!
As the sky lightened up – you can still see I think Mars!
Then the SUNRISE as we sipped coffee – it would be a fine beach day!

We talked and talked and finally drove down the 1/2 mile and parked

we did not want to carry all the chairs and coolers

Gerhard walking the beach
Jennie – who loves the beach – mesmerized by the waves.

We spent a couple hours – sitting – walking – sipping some drinks

The weather was warm – 78 degrees – the water 75 degrees!

Castles in the sand left by someone
Hundreds of birds

This is North Myrtle Beach – S.C.

and is really wide when the tide goes out!

It got a wee bit cloudy – enough to cut the sun bearing down on you!

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Papas World – The home base with the 3 little ones!

We have sold the house and moved in with our daughter

and family.

These are our youngest grand children –

The twins – Taylor – the tallest – Cassidy the short one.

And our grand son Bode.

Bode and Cassidy are two peas in a pod!

Being the only boy with five grand daughters

he has become my little buddy!

We are here as sort of a home base –

and will also stay with our other daughter Debby

in Cross Junction Va. at Lake Holiday.

In Lake Holiday with Debby

The three oldest are Maddy – Ella and Sarah.

We will spend time with them but the older two work.

We have been welcomed with open arms –

But our plan is not to infringe – we will travel –

help out when we can and see where we end up.

But for now – I am in a warm fuzzy place

Watching and enjoying each and every moment.

The innocence – the watching them grow up.

And the quiet time of a IPAD –

With all three so quiet and focused.

We have landed in the right place-

Home base with the three little ones

and every so often with the three big ones.

Life is good and we are blessed.

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