Papa’s World – In my youth – Lassie – Lincoln logs – growing up in the ’50s!

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My brother and I got for Christmas one year – stuffed Lassie dogs!

This dog went to bed with me every night – my comfort stuffed toy.

I know for a while before that – I had a blanket – strange how I remember that.

That was back when my grandma took care of me during the day as both my mom and dad worked.

Here is what the Lassie of my brother looked like.

Mike’s Lassie was a lighter color and mine was darker.

His also was not as curly as mine.

I do not remember any names we called them other than LASSIE!

This is what my Lassie looked like – darker and curly!

We did not fight over who’s was who – as we both knew.

After Mike was out of the crib in my parent’s room –

he moved into my room and we shared a double bed –

My older brother was still home and my grandma went to live with my aunt.

I had her old room.

Lassie became an important part of my life for years that I remember.

I often wonder as the grandkids came along

and they had their favorite stuffed animal –

what became of the two Lassies.

I know they were still there long after we had moved on to our own lives.

I had a Lincoln Log set just like this one.

This was my favorite toy – I would sit for hours in the living room in front of the gas furnace –

with these logs spread out – building a fort

and using the little log connectors as a cowboy or Indian.

That was when Hop Along Cassidy was on TV and Roy Rogers.

And of course all the Westerns – Indians attacking wagon trains or forts.

The Lincoln Log set.

Many a winter day I spent on the floor playing –

Mike never played with them –

He was four years younger and had his own toys.

The TV was also there – an old black and white – and one of the first shows I remember was –


This was a Buffalo show – as most of our programing came from there.

Romper Room – I Love Lucy and The Three Stooges.

The Red Skelton Show and the Ed Sullivan show.

And wrestling – Diamond Jim Brady – Fritz Von Eric – The Gallagher Brothers

Haystack Muldune – The Claw that you grabbed someone’s stomach and squeezed!

Rocketship 7 and Dave Thomas out of Buffalo N.Y.

My next blog will continue growing up in the ’50s.


Thanks for reading – HGD!