Papa’s World – Cleaning up after Hurricane Ian.

While not major destruction, there were a lot of branches and some trees down.

We dodged a bullet – but it still was a force of a one when it hit , winds up to 70 mph.

It was more of a small problem but still needed cleaned up.
The beaches sustained some erosion.

It was scary watching the tree line and the trees bending side ways!

There were five of us who together blew off the yards and got rid of the branches and leaves.

It took us about five hours working together to clean uphe yards of five neighbors –

some of whom were not here!

All in all – our first experience with a hurricane –

deciding anything more than a two we will leave.

Sherry afterhe storm and all cleaned up!

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Papa’s World – when you get excited – see some Jimmy Buffet – relax – it will be OK!

We had been touring – listening to advice from friends

strangers – and our landlord!

We were visiting different housing neighborhoods

and came across one that we THOUGHT would be IT!

So much so that we actually had the salesman contact his manager.

Could we purchase the lot next to the model

which currently was a parking lot for the model

and place the exact home on that lot

facing the big water view pond

for the exact price of the model?

Well – we left with a package and a wait for a answer.

We were six miles from Broadway on the beach

which meant 7 miles and 15 minutes to the Ocean and beach.

Exactly what we were looking for!

And it would be a brand new home – not to big –

but – as we drove away – it was five miles to a store for food!

A perfect storm so to speak – but a little far to go and buy bread with traffic.

However – it was enticing and more so when we got the email.

“YES” was the answer and they discounted that lot by $5000.00!

Then – we heard JIMMY sing – about the HURRICANE

and this HURRICANE started to rain


and the whole place sang along!

But the rest of the email read-


8 or 9 months away!

We listened to the song and reflected on our choice

it was there but a little out of reach.

We decided there listening to Jimmy Buffet

calm down – enjoy the journey

for we have only just begun.

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Papa’s World – it came – it went – and then it came back

It was in the ’80’s – I believe ’83 or ’84 – we gathered a group of us – my sister and her husband Bill – My brother – my friend Jim and wife Dorothy. And – John Murphy and a few more.

We rented this house at the Outer Banks of N.C. Now – Sherry and I had gone in ’82 – with a whole load of my brother’s friends. And we went back to the same house as it was right across the road from the beach.

Cindy – ( Not there) Jim ( there) Sherry ( there) Dorothy ( there)

We had no children with us – just adults – and a few brews ! The week was friends and family – and it started off with a volleyball game in the sand at the rear of the house. Then – on the second day – we got the news flash – a storm was coming – a big storm – could be a HURRICANE !

Winter in Pa.

Now – we all are from the North – Penna. – N.W. – in the snow belt – where if you mention storm – it most likely is SNOW and or BLIZZARD ! We very seldom get the HURRICANE effect except in ’72 – Agnes !

In NWPA – you live with snow every day – and this was all new to us. We went to the fire department – got a chart – yes – we were going to chart it – when it got close we would leave !

GRAB A BEER – head to the beach – Sun – warm breeze – surf – what else could you want !

As the week went on – the notice got worse – voluntary evacuation – you have to understand –

we had been planning this for a year – it was our vacation – a time where you only got two weeks vacation a year !


Our chart was up to date – we had the radio on tuned to a station 24 hours a day – the TV also – it was kind of fun plotting the course – seeing the path as it came up from the Gulf.

But we were some 800 miles away from it ! And the weather was beautiful – never mind that NONE of us had unpacked – we were living day to day out of our suitcases !

Then – it changed – to the good – it had turned and was going out to sea – we were saved – no worries – celebrate – it was Tuesday – had the next four days – Sun – brews- unpack – head to the beach.

We turned the radio off – packed the chart up – and got up Wednesday morning to a beautiful RED SKY !

Something was up – turned radio back on – it had turned and was heading right off the coast to where we were. The wind picked up – the roads closed and we were stuck. We could not get out !

There it sat 150 miles due East -the waves were getting bigger – the wind – well some shutters blew off – yes it was scary –

but we hunkered down and then it was over. The beach across the road – part of it was gone with a good five foot drop off.


Well – it was over – we still had a couple days left – we learned that these things can and are dangerous – we thought we were all right – but they change in a instant.

That was my first and last time with a HURRICANE – today – we still go to the beach – but we always check the weather – and if it seems to be coming – we do not go.

Some have passed on – the rest – we are still friends from all those years ago. We still get together every 4 to 6 months – and last September we were at the beach.

I would much rather go through a blizzard than a Hurricane and or major storm on the beach !

Just another story in the course of my life –

Papa’s World – it came – it left – and it came back !

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