Papa’s World – A new church for us and the stacked stone installed in the new house!

Our life has moved on – left behind memories of our former church – just as we did 22 years ago.

Each one holds a special place in our hearts – the first where we were married –

the second where we found a home and friends.

And now the journey begins – another one near our new home.

The stain glassed window – the same as in our last church – a reminder of friends and services – memories!

Right now – this is our future choice – Saint Lukes Lutheran Church

in Ocean Isle Beach right on route 17.

We have to call to be put on the list each Sunday – because of covid restrictions.

But – we were welcomed and social distancing practiced.

Time will tell if we have found a new place to worship –

one that is but 4 plus miles from our new house being built,

Our first time inside the roof and walls of a place of worship in over 13 months.

We left the service and drove to the new house build –

The windows and doors are all installed – the roof is done and almost all the siding and outside trim is done.

Driving up – the beautiful stacked stone is all done!

Our first view of the siding and the stacked stone and the outside trim.
A closer look – the front porch and the garage – the front door and the front bedroom.
This will be my place to sit – the covered front porch – I had told Sherry when selecting which house to build – I must have what we had back in NVA – for I loved sitting on the front porch in the rain or just talking to people walking past!

I have always loved front porches – we had a large one as I was growing up –

I would spend hours on it watching the cars go by with my mother –

Talking to people as they walked by – everyone knew “MARY”

and would call out to her or honk their horns –

I am most like her in tat way!

The two car garage – which will have pull down stairs and storage overhead!

Our thoughts on this – have shelves with towels as the outside water bib is just to the left of the corner.

That way – when coming back from the beach – a place to wash off the sand!

Second thoughts we have discussed – putting a enclosed white vinyl fence with a gate –

And a tank less water heater – for a place to shower – as a third shower for the house if we have lots of company!

I have seen them all over down here – really nice with a place to sit and a place to hang clothes and towels!

On our wish list along with taking the screens out of the enclosed covered patio and glass it in with sliding windows!

It has been a adventure these past six plus months.

Building a new home – and moving South!

But – the electric is done as is the plumbing – they are starting the insulation and then the dry wall.

We are excited – and ready to move in and begin out next phase of our new chapter.

Going to miss our view – but we will have pictures and memories!


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Papa’s World – The life of a grand parent!

Times have changed – today it is IPAD – SMART PHONE

and they can do it better than I can!

In this picture there is Sherry and all six grandkids.

Soon – in a little over three weeks – we will be leaving.

Going South – for FIVE MONTHS

trying to think out our possibilities

Do we rent – buy – house – apartment – condo!


Until then – next week – the three little ones start virtual classes.

Now – I can show them how to butter bread –

cut a piece of pie or cake

even use this as a screwdriver or the other end as a hammer

but – I know nothing when it comes to being a techie!

They all know more than I do!

It will be hard for them in not going to school.

Having interaction with other kids

and with the teacher face to face.

Not to mention – the parents who work.

Where this all ends – I do not know.

We are going to help them get all set up at home.

We will be here for the start up.

Being grandparents can be hard in this new age.

And now – the new norm for the time being.

In a little over three weeks – our new adventure begins

we have already rented and paid for five months.

Watching them last night when they came home

rushing down the stairs to see us

all three talking at the same time

It will be hard on them also

Life as a grandparent can be hard

life as a grandchild can be harder

life now as we know it –

well – we shall live that life one day at a time

For that we are grateful –

that is why I write –

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


Going to miss them all.